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Thread: Salt Generator efficiency

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    Salt Generator efficiency

    Hey Guys long time reader, first time caller. So I manage a pool for a non-profit kids camp and we have an interesting (see frustrating) situation with our pool.

    Its a rectangular in-ground 36k gal pool with vinyl liner.
    1.5HP hayward pump - 2 skimmers/4 jets
    In the sun from 10am on the rest of the day.
    100- 150 swimmers a day ( we shower them/spray them/ as much as possible) But I know this is still really high.
    Been using a combo of bleach and 3" tabs

    for the size of pool we have extremely heavy bather load as the camp has grown a lot since we built the pool.

    Because of this load it has always been a struggle to keep the pool within regular limits, Esp FC, and I am considering a salt chlorine generator system.

    2 main questions:
    1. would my pool be a good candidate for a SCG
    2. would a 60k gal SCG system be better for my pool to keep up with the load june - aug
    3. big pro/cons with any of the main brands... compu pool - Jacuzzi - Hayward

    Thanks for you help, I trust you all more than the saleperson at Leslie's

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    Re: Salt Generator efficiency

    Welcome to TFP

    The only SWG I would recommend is the beast hayward saline 6C at 6 pounds a day it should keep up with your pool Hayward Saline C 6.0 Salt Chlorine Generator | Sanitizers | Commercial - Hayward Pool Products
    Hayward Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator HCSC60

    The closest one to that is the new circupool RJ60 plus at 3 pounds a day but I just don't think it will keep up with what you're trying to do... thats a lot of kids you got there

    I hope this helps

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    Re: Salt Generator efficiency

    You need commercial pool operator training.

    Hayward commercial models can be strung together. But that's not really your problem. Chlorine will not be able to handle that concentrated bather load alone. So no matter how many SWGs you add or how much chlorine you pour in it can't sanitize and oxidize the pool to meet the requirements of that concentrated bather load.

    You have a concentrated bather load. You need ozone or uv to deal with the chlorine residuals "CC" and the organic matter from all those people. You probably should be replacing water every day.

    In short you need to have a consultation with a public pool professional to figure out a sanitation plan. This site is great for residential pools and the methods we teach work great with those pools. It will even work with low load public pools.

    But you have a high use concentrated use pubic pool. You need a consultation with a professional.

    Stick around we may be able to give you some local references.
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