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Thread: Jandy ePump?

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    Jandy ePump?

    I'm thinking about replacing my single speed Stealth 2HP pump with a variable speed. A/C season has arrived and top tier electric rates here in Northern California are almost .40 per kW. I've heard good things about the Pentair options, but I'm looking for pros and cons of the new Jandy epump. I have an Aqualink control that I don't want to replace although I will need to upgrade with new firmware. I know the Jandy pump would not have compatibility problems, plus it seems to sell for a couple hundred dollars less than the cheapest Intelliflo. On the other hand, Jandy claims that the Aqualink can control the Intelliflo pumps and those pumps have a proven track record. I've seen comments that the Intelliflo has "better engineering" than Jandy, but I'm not sure what that means. Better efficiency? Better reliability? I haven't had any problems with my 5-year old Stealth pump, other than it spins the meter. So I'm leaning toward the epump but I'm open to suggestions.

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    Re: Jandy ePump?

    The Jandy ePump is very very new. It is quite likely to have some problems for the first season, while they work out the bug. These pumps are complicated, and are rarely done exactly right the first time. The IntelliFlo had problems just at first. The ePump probably will as well.

    The IntelliFlo is a larger pump, at top speed it will move more water. That doesn't matter in many situations, but in many others it is nice to have. The prices I have seen for the ePump are very similar to the prices for the IntelliFlo VS, which it is more or less equivalent to. The IntelliFlo VF has a flow sensor and additional modes that the ePump can not match. The inherent efficiency of the IntelliFlo also appears to be better. In theory, the IntelliFlo ought to use slightly less electricity than the ePump. Of course either one will be a huge savings over a single speed pump.

    The ePump has one very nice advantage over the IntelliFlo. It supports external speed switching by any automation system. You don't get the full featured interface on the the automation remote unless it is fully compatible, but at least you can select two different speeds.

    To get your existing AquaLink to work with either the ePump or the IntelliFlo will most likely require a firmware upgrade for the AquaLink.

    Because the ePump is so new, I would avoid it for this season. Give them some time to work out the kinks and for others to give us more feedback about how well it works.
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    Re: Jandy ePump?

    So far so good with my ePump...even if it is only circulating my spa as I wait for the pool to get plastered.

    It is quiet, not sure how quiet relative to the Intelliflow. Since it will only ever run at high speed for the spa, You'd never hear it over the blower, and at pool filtering speed (1750 rpm is where I expect this to run) you can't notice it from more than 8 feet away from the pad. Running under 1200 rpm you almost need to look at the filter pressure or look for the status light unless you're right at it...

    I do like having the ability to vary pump speed via my PDA in steps of 5rpm from low to highest speeds (600-3450) at will.

    The numbers published a few weeks ago on this board show the Intelliflow as having better efficiency, but debate exists whether the speeds tested are apples to apples with the Intelliflow. As the ePump gains adopters we may see better info. Keep in mind, too that the Intelliflow is rated at 3 hp where the 2.0 ePump max is 2hp...and my assumption is this is done via a more effecient impeller design so it follows that the Intelliflow may be a better choice if efficiency is your #1 priority.

    I wanted to stick with one manufacturer for my pool equipment...and 3hp was well over my needs and plumbing capacity so the Jandy won out.
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