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Thread: Seasonal Pool - Newbie

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    Question Seasonal Pool - Newbie

    Hello I've just registered on this site. It seems to be a wealth of information. I have read the temp pool and the SWG guides. I bought a 16' x 48" bestway pool with a SWG for the kids which is currently filling. I have purchase Aquarius Stabilizer (from Canadian Tire), Clorox Bleach, Mueratic Acid and test strips which test for FC, TA, pH and total Hardness. My plan to add the stabilizer once it was full and then add the chlorox to bring up my FC up to 3ppm. Then add the required amount of salt and let it circulate/disolve for 24 hrs before turning on the SWG. As I am completely new to this is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks so much in advance!

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    Re: Seasonal Pool - Newbie

    Hello! You might want to review the TFP Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools page. Great to have you with us.
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    Re: Seasonal Pool - Newbie

    I joined last year and it made having a pool possible. I got answers to so many questions. Best idea was get the pool test kit they recommend. I paid $60 ish. The test strips don't seem to be able to tell you how much of the chemicals to add. On the site some where is a page( pool math calculator) you put in the number results of the pool test kit and it tells you how much and what chemicals to add. The pool test kit may seem expensive but it probable saves your sanity and the price of pool chemicals. I only have to add bleach and the sunscreen chemical.

    I didn't have a proper pool filter ( bought my pool used off craiglist) as the one with pool was old and didn't want to risk it. I kept my pool going with just a sump pump pool to circulate chemicals( bleach and sunscreen), no filter even. It was very clean pool with debris but the kids and dogs wanted to swim. Once the filter and pump came I didn't listen about the need for NO extension cords! Cost me $50 to reset pump. I can use the pump on low with a super heavy duty extension corn 6 hrs a day and that is enough. the electrician will install proper electric lines soon.

    Add you signature to the bottom of the page it helps to have the people here understand.

    I learned how to understand the code on the date for the bleach to make sure it's the freshest strongest bleach. I use Walmart bleach so it seems the bleach is replaced often on the shelf.

    With all the info here I never had a green swamp even with delayed filter and 2 labs swimming and teenager. I did have little green water plants though, lol. Meant I needed to test more frequently.

    I spent a lot of time leveling the pool area and all the pre work paid off. I only drained the pool 1x ( 20 ")and refilled after re leveling. Some days I wanted to put the used pool at the curb or blow it up but these wonderful folks here helped me through. I didn't have any physical help at the house.
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    Re: Seasonal Pool - Newbie


    Your plan is sound.

    Test strips won't really cut it, though. The ranges are too large to start with. And if you do the natural thing and set the strip on the comparator, water can wick between pads and bleed colors. If the strips get damp, they're ruined and you don't always know that. Lastly, super high FC can bleach out the colors and throw everything off.

    Taylor kits are pricey in Canuckistan. The good news is, you don't need a huge kit. Or even Taylor. Look for a simple two-way drop tester with pH and FC. Ideally, the chlorine test will use shades of yellow. That particular test won't bleach out. The pink FC test will.
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