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Thread: Advice for cloudy pool please

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    Advice for cloudy pool please

    I have a 15'x48" deep above ground pool. Approximately 5,000 gallons. I have been working for 2 weeks to try and get the pool open and get the water clear. It was very green upon opening this year. I have shocked it multiple times and the most recent was this past Wednesday evening when i double shocked it. I am still left with a cloudy/milky water that wont clear up. I have not been able to see the bottom of the pool or more than 10 inches down since I started. As i mentioned, I shocked it Wednesday evening and let it run for 24 hours with pump on. On Thursday evening I tested the levels with my Taylor 2006 test kit and the numbers were as follows.

    Thursday evening 5-26-16
    PH - 7.6
    FAC- 14.6ppm
    CC- 1.4ppm
    Alk - 130ppm
    Hardness - 70ppm
    CYA - 90ppm

    I left it alone Thursday, cleaned the filter cartridge and left the pump running as it has been this whole time. This evening, Friday I tested it again with the following numbers.

    Friday 5/27/16
    PH- 7.8

    Any suggestions on what I should try next. Is it as simple as just continuing to filter and eventually it will clear up? Are there any of these numbers that I can adjust that might clear up the water.

    Any help is appreciated. I had hoped to have the pool ready by this Memorial Day weekend but no luck yet.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Advice for cloudy pool please

    Hi welcome to TFP! This site has helped me a lot when it comes to pool care, so you have come to the right place.

    First, it's great that you already have one of the recommended test kits!

    Second, stop going to the pool store! Trust your test kit and the experts here, going forward you will only have to add exactly what your pool needs. Also, stop blindly "shocking" your pool. The method taught here is called a SLAM, where you maintain a calculated shock level of chlorine until the algae is gone. The process is explained here:
    Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    The level of FC you need to maintain is based on your CYA level, it is possible to maintain your pool with a CYA of 90, but you may want to consider draining some water to get the level down closer to 50 or 60. This chart shows the required levels:
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart

    Finally, if you are using powdered shock products this may be adding to your problem. All solid forms of chlorine add something else to you water too, either CYA or CH. The best method is to switch to liquid shock (aka bleach). Here is a link explaining the recommended chemicals.
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    To answer your question, algae is not a filtering problem. Your filter helps remove dead algae, but does not kill live algae (that's what chlorine is for )

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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    Re: Advice for cloudy pool please

    Welcome to TFP!

    +1 to SLAM your pool to kill the algae.
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    Re: Advice for cloudy pool please

    aeh0603 has got you covered. :thumbsup:

    If the articles in pool school get too much , look at some pictures. Follow the links in Recovering my old inspirational links The last ones are the most recent. Maybe they'll give you confidence.
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