Planning on replastering and retiling the 30+ year old pool and spa. (Old plaster is stained, has a little chip in the middle, and needed to do tile repair last summer.)
Trying to decide between Wet Edge Altima (PB1 says 7 year warranty) vs Universal Cement Finest Finish (PB2 says 7 year warranty).

Desired Color: White
Desired Feel: Smooth, like plaster (that's why not using pebble products, despite the attractiveness of the durability)
Desired Durability: Looking for a product that has more than 3 year standard plaster warranty (as I don't want to drain the pool and do this again, for hopefully a very long time-10-15 or 25 years if I could.)

Having trouble finding feedback about Altima or the brand Universal Cement Finest Finish.

Anyone have any knowledge about either of these?
thank you.