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Thread: 40x20 Rectangle Skimmer / Return Locations

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    40x20 Rectangle Skimmer / Return Locations

    We're all set with our 40x20 rectangle, but I'm having a difficult time determining the optimal location for the skimmers and returns. Our PB is presenting multiple options for us, but he's being noncommittal about the best option, so I drew a picture for all the gurus to point me in the right direction. It's not drawn to scale, but it's a basic 40x20 rectangle with corner steps and a bench tied into the steps. Deep end with a couple of deep returns is on the opposite side from the steps/bench. Let me know which option provides the best circulation. Thanks!


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    Re: 40x20 Rectangle Skimmer / Return Locations

    the idea is always to get a circulation going. option 2 or 3 would work return wise but add a 4th return to the side without one.

    For skimmers, one at each end would be better in my opinion.

    I found this ...
    The Importance of Swimming Pool Circulation

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    Re: 40x20 Rectangle Skimmer / Return Locations

    Option 1 or 3 are viable. 2 I don't believe is. Most returns can only be angled maybe 30 degrees to the side reliably I don't see you able to actually get those flow directions from those return locations.

    1 - Will work fairly well if the wind isn't too strong or from the North (picture-wise). If the wind is strong, or from the south, you won't get much skimming in any of the skimmers.

    3 - I like this one the best, you'll likely be able to get counter-clockwise rotation of surface water and skimming decent even if the wind is from any direction. The return that's by the bench would be nice if someone wants a back massage... sort of. Otherwise, do you have a deep end opposite from the steps end? A return on that end of the pool aimed downward to the deepest part of the pool would help deep water circulation while the other two handle skimming.
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