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Thread: How much bleach to use as chlorine. New pool owner

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    How much bleach to use as chlorine. New pool owner

    Okay here's my story..I just bought a pool 6 months ago in the fall. closed it for winter opened for spring and water was clear everything great. Took a water sample to Leslies and CYA was at 0. They suggested adding 8 pds of conditioner to pool. ( I know now that was a mistake.) I also have been using trichlor tablets for chlorine. I know now that those also ad cya to the pool. I took a sample to another pool store and now my CYA is 66ppm. My question is how much household bleach should I use daily/weekly instead of tabs? I have a 33ft. Round 52inch tall above ground vinyl liner pool. I think about 26,000 gallons? I live in southern Ky and my pool is in the direct sunlight all day no shade, and it does get hot! I did just order a tf-100 test kit and it should be here next week.

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    Re: How much bleach to use as chlorine. New pool owner

    Pool School is your first stop. Start with these:
    ABCs of Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    We could tell you the answer, but we really want you to learn to control your pool. Once you read those three, look at the top of the page for the Pool Math link. It helps you calculate any additions to your pool.

    Please edit your signature and add the following information so we can better frame our answers to you.
    • The size of your pool in gallons
    • If your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground)
    • If it's IG, tell us if it's vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass
    • The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge)
    • If you know, tell us the make and model of your pump and filter.
    • List any other equipment you have: SWG, second pump, etc.
    • Please mention if you fill the pool from a well or are currently on water restrictions

    Information in your signature will show up each time you post and it makes advice more accurate as we know what equipment we are dealing with.
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    Re: How much bleach to use as chlorine. New pool owner


    How much bleach to add at one time depends entirely on test results. You test to get the Now figure and use the FC/CYA chart to determine the Target and let poolmath crunch the numbers for you.

    If you're just wondering how much this is going to cost... remember, an algae bloom will throw this all out the window ... figure 2-4 FC per day, depending a lot on usage. With high CYA to protect it from sun, let's be optimistic and say 2 ppm FC per day. In a pool your size, about 51 ounces of standard 8.25% household bleach, or 44 ounces of 10% pool chlorine (Walmart has it in the pool section right now for $2.50) So a 121 oz jug of plain bleach every two days or a gallon of 10% every three. That's the low end. Even if you have a whole pack of kids using the pool every day, it shouldn't take more than double that.
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