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Thread: AGP suggestions.

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    AGP suggestions.

    After toying with the idea last year, I am ready to find an AGP for this year.

    Thinking of going "frugal" (ok, cheap) since this is the first AGP for me in this area and want to see how it works for a few seasons before committing to something that can be buried.

    Any suggestions on the most economical pool (brand, style)?

    There are just so many brands and models out there. Been looking at the catalog, so have some prices but looking for a good place to do research and see pricing.


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    Re: AGP suggestions.


    You might be better off going with an Intex metal framed pool or ring pool to start with. Those pools are relatively inexpensive and are fairly easy to set up. The pumps and filters leave a lot to be desired, but you could change the pump and filter if needed. The bigger steel-walled AGP's can require some extensive site prep (removing sod, leveling the area, etc) and can run into some $$$. Burying it later on would cost even more $$$. I think your best bet would be to go the Intex route and if you decide you really want a pool after a season or two with the Intex, then go ahead and go for your end-game buried pool.

    The Intex pools can be purchased at places like WalMart and Target.

    Regardless of what route you go, the best money you'll ever spend will be for a good test kit. The test kit will let you take control of your pool. We recommend either the Taylor K-2006 or the TF100 sold by a member here on the site.

    Just my .02.

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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    Thanks for the information.

    I already have the test kit and have used the BBB method. Have had ingrounds before so understand maintainance. I just can't justify the inground cost for our area, so looking at the AGP.

    I definitely would like a direct burial AGP (King George, etc) but want to make sure the family is really going to use this setup and it will work with the snow and cold before investing $5,000 grand for just the pool.

    I can live with buying a $2,000 pool and buying the better/upgrade equipment that can be used for the direct buried pool later, but not the $5,000 option right now.

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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    Site prep is the biggest part of above ground pools, so a $2000 pool is going to cost more unless you are in for doing the big DIY job and it IS a big job. With proper site prep just about any pool will hold up for a long time - spend the money on the site prep and filter equipment - just make sure the liner is decent, that can ruin the whole thing. Not many places are still selling the 15g liners but I have seen some, yikes. 20-25 or better if you can find it. Most are around 25g. Get a decent to very good sized filter and an average 3/4 pump should handle the cleaning job. We live in the deep winter area of the country and have had no issues at all with snow, ice, frost heaves, etc., but we spent a huge amount of energy and time on site prep - HUGE.

    I agree that the ring and Intex metal frame pools are good starters for people who are new to pools and maintc., but if you have had IG pools before you know how that goes. The problem with the Intex pools is set up, take down, set up take down and THAT is the hugest hassle of all. If you don't want to deal with that hassle and can stand the extra cash or elbow grease for proper site prep then its more about finding the best price for the equipment. Just about any of the online sites have great deals. Better to buy the pool and equipment separately as they usually package a pump that is too large with a filter that is too small and a bunch of other items that aren't as important. Go for a good price on the frame, liner, skimmer and return package and shop for a good sized filter and 3/4 hp pump.

    I used but a lot of others have just as good deals. Shop around - compare apples to apples - most every metal framed pool these days has all the proper coatings and protective sealers, etc., so its more about - metal framed (standard), aluminum (more expensive) and resin (most expensive) - there are also wood sided and foam filled panel pools (supposed to be great insulaters) - these are also the more expensive alternatives. The Doughboy and a few other brands have deep end pools and may be buried as well. Most of the three average types above also have options that can make a difference on price, quality or durability - aluminum bottom rails vs steel, resin uprights, rails, top caps vs. metal, ovals with bracing (the older style) or braceless (most new style ovals) - Lots to consider and now is a good time to pool shop, sales everywhere!! Good luck
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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    Thanks again for great information!!!

    I appreciate your cold weather knowledge and experience.

    Yeah, I know the prep is going to be huge. I have access to the equipment (excavator, etc) and experience to do that myself. I have to locate a company to deliver the gravel, sand, and water for the initial fill.

    Then I started talking about decking and concrete walkways, steps, retaining walls. YIKES! This can really grow.

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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    I absolutely love my soft side, and they are easier to set up than traditional metal frame pools, and can be left up through the winters. They are extremely durable. Some names are TuffPools, Splash Pools (that's what I have), legacy, and doughboy has some models.
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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    I have a Wilkes pool that is partly above-ground. It was here when I bought the house last year (so this is my 2nd year with it). It was installed in 1982, and get this -- still has the original liner! So it's pretty well-made, and was installed by a good company. It was used all years since installation except 2007, when it was a green swamp while the house was for sale. Good luck!


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    Re: AGP suggestions.

    there's alot talked about brands of abg pools but really when it comes down to it the site prep & seasonal maintenance are key. at our 1st place we had a cheapo 15 ft walmart thing for over 5 held up fine..then we moved to acreage with all day sun, we're in the pacific nw where it wouldn't pay to put in an ig, got a atlantis pool set 27 ft round from aqua superstore for like 1200 or so (we already had the pump/filter) & its been great for the last 3 yrs..& i'm really picky about things..its 1/3 buried but everything is covered with decking/concrete so we don't see the sides

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