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Thread: algae prevention on a roll a guard ladder

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    algae prevention on a roll a guard ladder

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so, if it needs moved please do so.

    We purchased a roll a guard ladder last year. Several times last year we had algae around the ladder. I have not installed the ladder in the pool yet this year. We have converted to using the TFP method of pool maintenance this season and the water is very clear and pretty now. We have been using the ladder that came with the pool so far this year. But I would like to put the roll a guard ladder back in. Are there any modifications that I should do or any tips that would help me not to have algae in or around the ladder?

    This is the ladder I have but have not put back in the pool.
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    Re: algae prevention on a roll a guard ladder

    Many times, the problem with ladders in Intex pools (and other AGPs) is that there is insufficient circulation of water around the ladder which causes dead spots in the flow pattern and leaves those areas less chlorinated then the bulk of the pool water. If you can reposition the ladder or adjust the pool returns (I take it there's only one return?) for better flow, then you can mitigate algae growth. Short of that, you may need to do your bleach additions around the ladder are and then be sure to really brush the ladder well to ensure good distribution of the FC. The only other thing you can do is remove the ladder periodically (looks like it might be a two-man job to do that) and clean the ladder outside the pool.

    Hard to tell, but it looks like there are lots of "nooks and crannies" for algae to hide in....

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    Of course I just read the fine-print in that Amazon link and it says -

    This ladder should not be used with Intex/inflatable/pop-up style pools.
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