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Thread: New AG pool

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    New AG pool

    Hi! We are in the process of having a 21' round Doughboy put up. It has 52" side walls so I believe it is 10,400 gallons. Right now the pool is up and the liner is in with about 4 inches of water. They still need to run electric and gas, so it will be a few more days until it is complete. I have the recommended test kit on the way, 2 bottles of instant conditioner on the way (yes I know it more expensive but this is what I'm going with for now) and plan to pick up 10 bottles of bleach. Is there anything else you recommend? Once the test kit arrives should I go ahead and test the fill water and post it here? I shouldn't need to initially test CYA or FC right? I've been reading pool school and think I'm getting a grasp, can't wait to put it to work!


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    Re: New AG pool

    I would not put "instant conditioner" in my pool. At least without knowing exactly what that is.

    Fill water doesn't have CYA, and might have a little FC, but not enough to make a difference. Once you get filled up, add a little bleach, some CYA in a sock and let the water mix around for a little and post a full test.

    You can start messing around with this too
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    Re: New AG pool

    Instant conditioner?
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    Re: New AG pool

    It is liquid stabilizer/CYA it has been discussed on this forum before.

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    Re: New AG pool

    Yes Paige, the liquid conditioner and/or granule stabilizer will be fine. Just enter your pool size into the Poolmath Calculator and let it tell you how much of either to add. You're correct in that's probably the one item you don't have to test initially because you know it's zero with fresh water. Since you're using liquid, it's expected to acclimate to the water faster than the granules. Still, I would add bleach for a modest FC level of 3 on day one of full water, then increase after that between 3-5. Not sure of your location (please add ), but just stay close to the Chlorine/CYA Chart (link below) if you decide to go with a CYA higher than 30.

    The only other thing you'll want to check/adjust right away is pH. You'll want it in the mid-7s. Muriatic acid to lower and soda ash or borax to raise it. That should get you started. Once full and circulated, test a full set of results and post back if you like. Good luck!
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    Re: New AG pool

    Thank you!
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