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Thread: lint pot lid stuck tight

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    lint pot lid stuck tight

    Has anyone ever ever had a situation where the lint pot lid was stuck so tight it was next to impossible to remove? I suspect that there may be a vacuum in the system that's pulling it down, but that's just a guess. Seems like an odd question I realize, but the lid is on so tight I need a small hammer to move the lid enough to get the lid off so I can clean out the strainer. I'm concerned I'm going to break the lid if I use the hammer on it too much. I didn't have this problem last year.
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    Re: lint pot lid stuck tight

    Use a block of wood, not a hammer. Less likely to snap an ear off the lid.

    It's a common problem. It's no coincidence that the ones without ears you can beat on sell wrenches that fit the lids.

    I think the plastic warps a little with age, but that's just a theory. I have no proof.
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    Re: lint pot lid stuck tight

    Also, once you get it off, the majoerity of them wiil seat themselves when the pump starts so don't twist thew lid on very tightly at all. Mine seals perfectly when I turn the pump on and I only twist-lock out of habit....I don't really need to.
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    Re: lint pot lid stuck tight

    I am interested in this thread because of a similar problem....the lid on the lint trap is so tight you have to be a strapping Lou Ferrigno to twist the thing off.
    It is on as tight as it is because if not it 1) leaks water when pump is off, and 2) gets air leak when pump is running.
    This is the Hayward one with two small undergrip handles. Have found that if assembled using plenty of Magic Lube I don't need to use a hammer anymore to get it off...but it's still a struggle. A removal tool would fit the bill. While available for other models there are none for sale that I know of for this one.
    Before Magic Lube was discovered I was using a homemade "F" shaped tool made of boards screwed together....sized to fit the outside edge of the cover so that it would gain leverage on those handles. Flimsy...broke after two uses.
    Now I am looking at those three slots around the top of the lid and thinking of making another tool to utilize those.

    edit: on reflection I may need a different gasket. The original was replaced early on in the four year life of this setup...the reason I forget. Got damaged somehow so replaced it with one from my dealer. May not be the exact OEM stuff.
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    Re: lint pot lid stuck tight

    I have never used Magic Lube (I use only silicon o-ring lubricant on all my o-rings / rubber seals.). As a matter fact, I had to look it up. The few sites I looked at all said it was a lubricant / adhesive. Perhaps that is your problem. While it may not be actual glue, it may have enough adhesive properties to cause you grief.

    Is your pump strainer lid a dome shape or flat on top? Perhaps if you cut a piece of 3/4" plywood and drilled holes in it whatever pattern your lid slots are in. Get some bolts with heads large enough to just barely fit in the slots and 2 nuts for each. If a dome shape, I would get bolts that are long enough to be adjustable (hence 2 nuts each). You could put a short length of 2X4 to act as a lever.
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    Re: lint pot lid stuck tight

    I can't get the pump filter lid off to save my life. Husband has but even he can't this year. Been on only 1 1/2 months. Needs to be emptied 2 weeks ago... is this what your calling a lint trap? It's new to me. Hayward dome lid no handles! Have had saltwater in ground 18x36' for almost 10 yrs and love it( 99% of the time) SO- a block of wood and hammer?

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