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Thread: Help lol

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    Help lol

    Ok I'm sure people have heard this one before. My boyfriend and I just got a new house it came with a pool below ground 20x40. Had a nice winter cover and has been winterized. The thing is the house and pool has not been used in two years. We took the winter cover off today and the water is dark green almost black. we got the pump working ( its never been used) and Ive been brushing the sides with pool brush. I have not tested the water or anything like that. We did take the caps off the filter etc. Now what do I do??? My boyfriend said to bull dose it with sand lol . I said no way.
    Oh, I know there is leaves in it Ive been trying to get them all out (at the bottom) I also removed a bike. Any help will be useful and I will try to get pics soon.
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    Re: Help lol

    Im sorry I live in Michigan.
    Oblong 20,000 gallon
    Hayward Super Pump (1hp)
    Sand Filter
    In-Ground Vinyl

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    Re: Help lol

    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    Your first step is to go to the pool school section of the fourm. Link is in my sig and also in the upper right corner of every page. Once you get there:
    1. Read everything.
    2. Read it all a second time.
    3. Read the section on test kit comparisons
    4, Order one of the kits we recommend. They are your best values in a kit that will do what you need, do it easily, and do it economically. We have a lot of experience in this which is why we have narroweed it down to these few test kits.
    5. While you are waiting for your kit to arrive get your water tested at the pool store and post the test results. Also ask any questions you might have after reading pool school 2 or more times.
    6. stock up on bleach to clear your pool and pick up any other chemicals you might need like stabilizer or acid.
    7. Remember that we are here to help you evey step of the way!
    8. Enjoy a trouble free pool!

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    Re: Help lol

    Hi, and welcome. You are in the right place! While I cannot help with your equipment, I can point you to some great places to start to clear up your water.

    First, go to Pool School and read everything!

    Next, keep scooping out as much debris as you can.

    Finally, invest in a good test kit, and take charge of your pool. See my signature for the best kit on the market!

    For now, take a sample of water to the pool store (DON"T buy anything!) and post the results here.

    You need to get some chlorine in your pool. We recommend using bleach (yes, plain clorox from the laundry aisle) or chlorinating liquid (aka liquid shock from the pool aisle/store)

    Others will be along shortly to offer more assistance, but for now, scoop and read!!

    ((Waterbear beat me to it, as usual!))

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    Re: Help lol

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mermaid Queen
    ((Waterbear beat me to it, as usual!))
    But you said it all SO eloquently and regally!

    Don't let the queen fool you...she is one of our members of the squad of ex forum moderators and she knows her stuff! She retired to take up her royal post as Queen!

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    Re: Help lol

    Hi babygirl and welcome to the forum

    You've gotten great advice!

    Don't worry, your pool can be all clear and sparkley, too!
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    Re: Help lol

    Thanks everyone ! Will do all advice and keep all updated !
    Oblong 20,000 gallon
    Hayward Super Pump (1hp)
    Sand Filter
    In-Ground Vinyl

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