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Thread: Any one use Pool Testing service? Is it better to not use them?

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    Cool Any one use Pool Testing service? Is it better to not use them?

    Good Afternoon.

    I am brand new to this site and owning a pool. My fiancee and I just purchased a home with an inground pool and we are taking on cleaning the servicing the pool ourselves. Since this is brand new to us we went to the local pool store to have our water tested and not sure if I trust the results. One of the main reasons are when I was there I was the 3rd person in line waiting for there water to be tested and all 3 of us had way to high chlorine 10 (which I thought was strange that the two people in front of me had the same result in chlorine) So the lady behind the counter was telling be because my chlorine was way to high it could throw off all my other numbers so she recommend using a chlorine neutralizer if we were planning on using the pool this week or wait a week to have the water retested. I choose to go with waiting the week as we dont really use the pool during the week. So when I tell her that she then tells me my phosphates are way too high 1000 and I need to buy a phosphate neutralizer to lower that, ( Not sure what happened to waiting as the chlorine can make all my numbers off) So I told her that I would wait until I had my water retested.

    My question is should I trust the pool store testing service or try and learn to do it myself? it seems very intimidating testing the water. Any help or suggestion would be great.

    Has anyone used the Pool Testing machines at Walmart HTH water tester?

    here are my test results if anyone can give me an insight on what they mean.

    Free Available Chlorine - 10
    Total Available Chlorine - 10
    Calcium Hardness - 200
    Cyanuric Acid - 250
    Total Alkalinity - 90
    pH - 7.7
    Copper - 0
    Iron - 0
    Total Dissolved Solids - 3000
    Phosphates - 1000

    If anyone has any advice or suggestion I would be greatly appriecated.


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    Re: Any one use Pool Testing service? Is it better to not use them?

    Get one of our recommended test kits in Pool School and don't look back. We could care less about total dissolved solids or phosphates---really don't matter.

    The biggest problem you show, if correct, is your CYA. We're talking drain half, refill, circulate, retest and most likely repeat. Yeah-it's that bad. Welcome to uncontrolled use of pool store pucks.

    Spend some time in Pool School and get an education on the basics. Don't buy anything from them until you've finished Pool School (twice).

    With your water situation there, you may have to consider a reverse osmosis treatment if available.
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    Re: Any one use Pool Testing service? Is it better to not use them?

    One reason we don't trust most pool store testing results is as you have seen, they often don't make sense! First off, that FC test they performed was probably the test that max's out at 10ppm. If you have higher FC than that- will they have a clue? And CYA is the test they seem to be most inaccurate with. And if your CYA is too high (from continual use of chlorine pucks that contain cya) your FC has to be at a level commensurate with it.

    Pool stores *rarely* understand this or explain it if they do....because....well...when problems arise you'll come back to buy the cure! Amiright??

    You need one of the two test kits we do trust and rely on. The TF-100 is the best bang for your buck, and since you're in California one dealer there can get it to you quickly- Pool Supplies, Spa Supplies and Parts Another source is: The only other test we trust is Taylor's K-2006. They *must* contain the FAS-DPD test. This way you can test your pool FC up to 50ppm which is important if you get algae and need to treat.

    Start reading Pool School up at the top. Start with: ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Holler back with any questions, y'hear?
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    Re: Any one use Pool Testing service? Is it better to not use them?

    Thanks for the help. I am reading the Pool School and will pick up one of the recommended test kits and see what my results come back with.

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