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Thread: COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

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    COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

    Hi everyone. I am really trying to understand all of this but man, it really isn't clicking with me. I probably should hire someone but I'm low on funds. I have a Summer Escapes above ground pool (kind of small) & someone gave us an older Hayward sand filter & pump. We drained the pool water from last year, with a little bit of yucky mess left in the pool, I refilled with fresh well water over a 3 day period. The frogs have really enjoyed my pool over those 3 days lol. Okay, so I loaded the pool up with shock & turned the pump onto "filter" but the pressure was low so I decided to switch it to recirculate & the pressure was amazing! I left it on recirculate over night & the next day the pool was no longer yucky green & was now a cloudy blue/green. When cleaned out the filter cup that is connected to the pump, there were 5 bleached dead frogs. I decided to switch it to "filter" again... at first the pressure was good, water was being moved quickly (the pool water almost looked like a whirlpool) but after about 10 minutes it dropped down greatly & didn't even have half of that pressure. The psi gauge (I think that's what it's called?) stays at about 17-20, the same either when I put it on filter or recirculate. I don't think that when the filter is set to "filter", it is actually going to clean it. Do I need to backwash or prime? (I don't know how to do either, go figure) Go easy on me, I probably shouldn't even be messing with this thing but I really want to learn how to get it up & running so my kids can have a fun summer at home.

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    Re: COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

    Welcome buddy! First and foremost, invest in a good test kit. I personally recommend the TF100. It will test everything you need to. Stay away from test strips, as many will note they do not accurately test your water. Also, your filter should be on the "filter" mode most of the time unless you are back washing it. You should backwash when your pressure gauge increases by 25% of your clean pressure. When you backwash your filter, you are cleaning it. The water is in reverse and is coming up through the bottom, mixing the sand and sending the water with debris out of your backwash port.

    As your filter gets dirty, your water will slow down from your return line. When back washing, backwash until the water that is coming out of th backwash port is clear. Directly afterwards, set it to rinse mode and run it until it runs clear as well. ALWAYS turn pump off before moving your plunger on top of the filter tank.

    Your filter can only do so much on sanitizing your pool. You need to ensure your pool is properly balanced in terms of chemicals. On the top right hand corner of this site, click POOL SCHOOL. You will find your proper levels to maintain your chemicals at. As a general rule, we fully recommend you use the "BBB" method. It's simply the easiest, most affordable, and efficient method of taking care of your pool. BBB stands for, Bleach, Baking Soda, and Borax. All of which are household chemicals that you can use in place of marked up versions sold by your local pool store. Bleach and liquid chlorine are the same chemical. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in both, and both will keep your chlorine level in check if administered properly.

    Also, priming your filter refers to purging air out of your lines, filter, and pump. Make sure you have no suction side leaks in your plumbing that could suck in air. Ensure your hoses are tightened and your hoses are not ripped or torn. If everything is okay, ensure your o rings on your pump basket and filter are well lubricated. If they are worn, replace them.

    Also, update your signature if you can to describe your pool. Please include: pool size, total pool gallons, filter brand and size, and pump size.
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    Re: COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

    You shouldn't see any pressure on the filter gauge on recirculate. There should be no pressure on it at all. the water goes from the pool to the pump to the valve and right back to the pool. That makes me suspect maybe you have the inlet and outlet reversed. That's all I can think of.
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    Re: COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

    Welcome to TFP!

    Once you get the plumbing figured out here is an article from Pool School about cleaning your filter. Pool School - Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters Also, most manufacturers have manuals available for download on their website.

    Start here in Pool School, Pool School - Getting Started
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    Re: COMPLETE NEWBIE... need some help from someone with A LOT of patience lol

    Any updates?
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