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Thread: balancing after spring opening

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    balancing after spring opening

    So we've been open for about 5 weeks. Everything looks great but I can't seem to regulate my chlorine generator. We've also been fighting mallards that want to make our pool home so we've been running our jets 24/7 to deter them. Along with 2 crocodile floats it seems to be working. I was worried the aeration would put my pH out the roof but it seems to be pretty consistent with last year.

    My question is about my chlorine generator. It's set at 20% and my FC is 18! It seems like I am going to have to turn it completely off to lower it.

    CYA seems to have dropped a bit after the rain and backwashing as well since opening.

    CYA 45
    FC 18
    TA 90
    pH 7.8
    CH 300

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: balancing after spring opening

    Yep, with coldish water your FC consumption is low. I don't usually turn my SWG on until the water is consistently above 70. I just use bleach until then, I hold FC at 8 or 9.
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    Re: balancing after spring opening

    Your CYA is 50 actually. Do you keep the pool covered? With my autocover my FC needs are less and it hangs around longer.

    Since you're running the pump 24/7 that's raising your FC. I'd dial it way back or off until the levels drop significantly.

    Your CH is pretty high for a vinyl pool. Do you use a heater? Otherwise don't worry about adding calcium to vinyl because it doesn't need it, and too much calcium can still cause scaling on the vinyl.

    if you find your pH raising, drop it down to around 7.4 and it will also bring your TA down a skosh. The SWG raises some folks pH so they are often adding a bit of MA.

    Here is a great reference from Pool School- Pool School - Recommended Levels

    Oh yeah- we're gonna need to see a pic of these crocs or it didn't happen! LOL

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