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Thread: above ground pool with deep end questions

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    above ground pool with deep end questions

    We are thinking about putting in an above ground pool with a deep end as my daughter likes to jump (not dive) in and we have some questions for those with experience (we have a teenage daughter, so no little ones but do have young children that would use it occasionally). We live near Albany N.Y.

    I hear round is cheaper. Is round a good shape with a deep end?
    What size oval or round with a deep end do you have and are you happy with it?
    What brand do you have?
    We could do a lot of the work ourselves, but since my husband had his knees replaced I do not want him to overdo any hard labor type work. What did it cost to put in the pool?

    We would also put a deck off our house to the pool, which my husband would do himself, which we estimate at & $2,000.

    So I really am looking for a recommended size/shape/brand of an above ground with a deep end and what it might cost.

    Thanks for any helpful info you can provide us!

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    Re: above ground pool with deep end questions

    Welcome to TFP

    Doughboy pools are the most and one of the few able to have a deep end..

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    Re: above ground pool with deep end questions

    We have a round (28ft) doughboy with about a 6 ft deep end (autumn breeze model). The deep end starts at the middle of the pool so we still have quite a good sized shallow end. There is also a shallow ledge running around the pool about that is about a foot wide. I would have loved to have had an oval, but we would have had to go with a smaller pool for the location in our yard where the pool is (also liked that the round was less expensive for a bigger pool!).

    We really love having the deep end. People are always surprised that we have one. We have 3 kids, they love jumping in at the deep end. We also have a small slide. Our deck comes off our house, then there are 3 wide steps up to the deck that is level with the top of the pool. The deck goes about 3/4 of the way around the pool. The plan originally was to have it go all the way around, but we would have had to remove too many trees (which give us privacy from our neighbors/the road behind us). Having a deck going all the way around would be nice (keeps the toys and balls in, easier to maintain!) but that will have to be a future project.

    I know there are a number of people with above ground pools with deep ends on the forum that will also chime in.

    We are very happy with ours, I would definitely recommend it!

    Our pool was installed by doughboy. They did a great job with the pool installation. I think the deep end was about $1,000 more to have put in, but there was a promotion at the time that had a $1,000 off pool packages (so we basically just paid regular pool price for the deep end). We did the deck on our own. Deck was expensive and a pain. But worth it in the end.

    I will get some pictures posted when we get the pool fully opened. We are definitely late opening this year, but apparently all it seems to do anymore is rain in Pennsylvania and we haven't been very motivated! The one thing this rain and crappy weather has motivated us to do is put in a heater...hopefully sometime this spring. And of course it looks like we should be getting rain and thunderstorms all this week AND for the long weekend. Yay.
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    Re: above ground pool with deep end questions

    You can put a deep end in any above ground pool (Intex not included). I've seen one put in a 21ft pool on the forum. I personally wouldn't go under 24ft. Bigger is better when dealing with round pools with deepends. Round pools are also cheaper. I'm in PA and for a 24ft pool, I was quoted $2200 for an install. I did it myself but I don't have a deep end.
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    Re: above ground pool with deep end questions

    I have a Doughboy 18X33 oval with a 7ft deep end. We love it. Our Children range from 4 to 17 years old and they all get good use out of it.

    Here is the link to my pool build

    and here is a link to my deck build

    Round or oval, either would be good depending on your available space, but to me having the deep end is what has been the best part of our pool.
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    Re: above ground pool with deep end questions

    We have a 16 x 28 Doughboy with 7ft deep end that starts in the middle of the pool and slopes down into the deep area, which is approx. 5-6ft in diameter. We also have a 2ft ledge around the deep end along the upright walls and the inside slopes into the deep end.

    Originally I did not want a deep end but my husband insisted saying the kids would love it and use it more. He was right. We love the deep end, even put a deep end drain in it, which we thought was a good idea but does not seem to make a lot of difference, except when we want to circulate the water without going thru the skimmer.

    I'm sorry, I can't help with the costs estimates for you since the neighbor gave us the pool, and we hand dug and installed it ourselves, around 10 years ago.
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