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Thread: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

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    Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    Hi. My husband and I are very DIY. We are going to take on as much of the build as we can (excavation, plumbing, electrical, forming the base, building the CMU pool walls). We don't plan to use a liner, but rather plaster the pool. We live in the city and have a very small sized backyard, so the pool will essentially take all that up. We do not plan to build any decking, but plan to do either a 12" or 16" coping with artificial turf around the rest of the yard (that's literally a 30'x 8' strip plus the 3' sides around the pool).

    I'm going down to get the permit tomorrow, and we are mapping everything out, and finalizing our plans. I will document everything via pics for you guys.

    Obviously, we will have MANY questions...hoping you guys can help us out with these...

    Pool size: 24' x 12'...4.5' deep across.

    1) For a CMU build, what is typically done to finish off the top? A bond beam? I've seen people finishing up by having rebar tied into their deck, but we do not plan to do a deck. We plan to finish off with a precast coping. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    2) Do the blocks/mortar joints need to be sealed prior to plastering? (We plan to have someone else plaster).

    3) I've read where some people did not install a drain at the bottom, but a sidewall drain. Any opinions? We have ZERO trees in our yard, and no one around us has any trees in their yard.

    Any other do's/don'ts/lessons learned, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

    I know we will have more questions. Thanks for now.

    Below is a pic of the design we are going for...without the trees.

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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    If you could share a picture of your yard as a starting point it may help us give some advice.
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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    Hello - I am also building a concrete block pool!

    1) Make a bond beam by cutting into the blocks. See duraleigh's picture:

    Precast coping will work great - but remember you'll have to run a grounding copper wire around the pool regardless if you don't put any decking in.

    2) I don't know about this - i plan on dry stacking and filling with concrete and rebar. Which I believe you have to do anyways even if you mortar the block together otherwise it will crack.

    3) I am skipping the main drain all together, but a side drain is fine also as long as it conforms to the anti-entrapment rules (2 drains per 1 pipe)

    Also I've read if you do plan on plastering a concrete block pool you need to pour the floor first before you build the walls.

    I look forward to following your build.

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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    I am SO in to watch this one! How fun this will be since I do not have to do any of the work! LOL

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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    How is everything going? Updates and Pictures much appreciated!

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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    I think she went for the permit and was surprised by what they wanted.
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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    Just make sure you have someone design the block wall that will hold the pool water, and floor. Simple design for many engineers.
    Will need a rather large footing and a lot of steel, and probably bond beams every coarse, then you would pour the bottom in concrete over a steel mesh tied into the walls. Or better yet pour floor with footing and steel and build walls on top of it.
    A small 12,000 gallon pool is supporting over 100,000 lbs.
    Don't advise doing it like the other person that shared. If you are not going to mortar the brick, then you might as well not use it.
    Just set up wood forms and pour a wall, that is essentially all you are doing, only not as strong. That basic construction, will work with liners, because if there is movement the liner doesn't mind.
    If you are wanting to plaster or coat the inside, it can not move or crack period!!

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    Re: Concrete Block Pool Build - Need advice

    I have two main drains on the side. Work fine if you have a robot or Polaris cleaner.
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