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Thread: 1st Pool Startup - Thanks TFP !

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    1st Pool Startup - Thanks TFP !

    Hey Gang,

    So I just wanted to post something to thank all of our senior posters for their knowledge/wisdom in pool chemistry/maintenance. I've been a follower of this forum since last year; dutifully following the advice and principles found here.

    When I closed my pool last year it was right before I had a bout of mustard algae; I used some Yellow-Out (bromine) to fight it off as I only had 4-5 days before my pool was scheduled to be closed up. Long story short the mustard algae went away but I had the surprising realization that the additive was eating all my chlorine up. I was able to get my pool to hold chlorine (after shocking but NOT slamming) a little by the time the cover went on.

    Needless to say I'm pretty sure my chlorine was still being consumed after the fact. I pulled my safety cover (95% UV block) back to find a green floor and very grey/cloudy water. 6' deep end I could see the bottom but it wasn't pretty.

    So - off to my first SLAM. I do have the TF-100 test kit and I know how to use it.

    In preparation I added water to the pool so I could vacuum out the bottom to waste. I had to do that maybe 3 times as the water kept going below my skimmers before I was as far as I could get it. I was able to get maybe 85% of it out that way, however some areas weren't letting go w/o brushing - which suspended all the gunk into the water. My pH read lower than 6.8 so I raised it to 7.0. I know acidic water helps the chlorine be more active so I didn't want to raise it further. I figured another week or so at that level wasn't going to hurt anything.

    I have a SWG but I wasn't using it yet. My salt was low but I knew I'd be backwashing and pumping more water out into the woods so I didn't bother with it yet. My CYA was 0 (from 70 last year). I added liquid conditioner to get the CYA up to 30-40. Tested with the kit; I filled the bottle with pool water and put it in my jean pocket to warm it up while I was futzing with other things around the pool.

    I used cal-hypo to shock.

    Shocked the first night to SLAM levels and lost all of it by the following morning. Not really surprising. The second night I lost 3/4 of it, the third night I lost a little less than half, so on and so forth until one week later. Crystal clear water, no chlorine loss over night, 0 CC. About 5 days in I added 200 pounds of salt to get my PPM up to ~3200; kicked on the SWG to help me hold my shock level now that I wasn't backwashing as much. VERY happy with my first successful SLAM. I brushed the walls and floor of the pool every day, just like you guys advised. For a couple of those days I even had the pool light floating in the water so the shock could get behind the light.

    Some things that I learned from my situation:

    A. Fill the pool up to above the skimmer when you're vacuuming to waste. Save some time with the back and forth and try to get more done.
    B. The cal-hypo I bought ahead of time was almost completely gone by the time I was done. Next spring, double or triple the order.
    C. This pool brush with the whale fin on it is a winner. Makes brushing so much more effective and easier.

    Unrelated to SLAM'ing; I was obsessed with my pump pressure for a full afternoon. It was reading high even after a backwash. I was playing w/ my return jets and valves, plugging returns to see if there was air somewhere, etc. Than one night while watching TV it hit me. If I put my pump on backwash, I should drop all pressure in there. Is my gauge reading 0? NOPE. I was reading 4-5. So I took the gauge off; same thing. Mental note: Make sure the gauge 0's out when the pump is off and have a spare gauge on hand. Saves a lot of time.

    Next up on my list:

    A. Get my CYA up to 70 (I prefer the liquid conditioner b/c our pool season is pretty short compared to some of you and I'm impatient)
    B. Add salt to get my PPM up to ~3400. I add salt last as the liquid conditioner is a sodium product.
    C. Let my chlorine drift to 5 based on my CYA of 70.
    C. Lower my TA via a muriatic acid drop and aeration. I plan on using this to aerate:
    D. Pop a beer, admire my work, and pray for warmer weather !!!

    42' natural free-form pool, vinyl lined, 6' deep end, 21,400 gallons
    2 HP Hayward Superpump, Hayward Aquarite SWG, AquaComfort 125k btu heat pump, 350lb Hayward Pro Series sand filter
    2 skimmers, 2 floor drains, 10 returns (6 in the pool, 2 in the steps, 2 in the swim-out)
    TF-100 Test Kit

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    Re: 1st Pool Startup - Thanks TFP !

    Pat (a.k.a. Texas Splash) ~ My Pool: Viking Fiberglass; 17,888 Gal; Waterway Supreme 2-sp/2-hp pump; Hayward Ctg filter; TF-100 w/ Speed Stir
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    Re: 1st Pool Startup - Thanks TFP !

    That is some good work! has nice oil filled gauges for 12 or 13 bucks.

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