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Thread: Opened green pool for first time - need help

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    Opened green pool for first time - need help

    HI gang here is my dilemma:

    Southern NH, inground 28k gallon vinyl installed 2013.

    First two openings, cold winters - blue water easy, went to chlorine, tested, went swimming all summer. Thanks to your BBB method and good advice, I always kept the FC / CC working right, and kept TA / PH in line. Usually use NAMCO ABC to boost PH when needed, but sometimes add BORAX, since I bought a case when we installed the pool. Pool calculator says to use Borax or Baking Soda when you need to boost PH.

    Opened last Friday 5/13, green swamp. First time I've seen that.

    Tested, added chlorine - 3 gallons of 12.5% Liquid Shock (sodium hypochlorite) from Namco.

    Ran filter, ran auto vacuum overnite.

    FC 11.8
    ph 7.6
    TA 50
    CYA 40

    Turns out CYA was not 40, it was just very cloudy water.
    Seems like the NAMCO liquid shock is weak, old stuff that I bought last week (!!). Had to use Great Value Bleach instead.

    Ran pump 24/7 for two days while testing every morning and evening.
    Tried to keep balanced - added ABC to increase Alkalinity from 50 to 65.

    Added 8 Trichlor pucks to the Chlorinator to increase CYA, I know that takes some time to show up.

    Here are Sundays numbers, two days after opening:

    730 am
    5-15 Sunday
    FC 15.4
    ph 7.4
    TA 65
    cya 20
    CC 0

    Long story short, I ran the filter 24/7 all week, kept FC at 15-20 with bleach, Tried to keep it balanced, ran the vacuum a few times.

    Pool cleared up a lot.

    Thought I would be done today, Wednesday. Cleaned the cartridge filter this morning, reassembled, ran the filter all day.

    This morning's numbers 7am

    7:00 AM
    5-18 Wednesday
    FC 19
    ph 7.3
    TA 85
    CYA 40
    CC 0

    I thought this was great, and that FC would drop about 2 ppm FC by the time I got home at 8 pm.
    Pool is looking 90% clear.

    Tonight's numbers 8 pm.

    8:00 PM
    5-18 Wednesday
    FC 9.5
    ph 7.2
    TA 75
    CYA 40
    CC 0

    I am concerned that it burned up 10 ppm FC in 12 hours!

    What am I doing wrong? Should I keep the chlorine high or should I add some Algaecide like polyquat?

    Thought it would be clear by now.

    I have brushed the pool every morning after testing and adding chems as needed to balance. I am thinking the last of the trichlor pucks will be dissolved tomorrow and CYA will top out between 40-50.

    It looks pretty good and running the vacuum again tonight but very concerned about that FC drop.

    I use the Taylor test kit.

    Thanks in advance for reading and for any advice you may offer!
    28000 gal inground vinyl installed 7/2013, hayward c5030 525 SF cartridge filter, hayward SP3400VSP variable speed pump, hayward 125000 BTU heat pump, chlorine dispenser

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    Re: Opened green pool for first time - need help

    keep going just like you have been, you are doing great.. It will get there, algae does not have a day in mind when to die

    The FC is dropping because it is killing algae and working...
    Pool: Intex 16x32 15000 gal, 2 speed 340042, Pentair CC320 Filter, CircuPool SJ45 Salt System, Intermatic PE653RC; Hot Tub: 650 Gal SWG Megachlor
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