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Thread: pool opening was much easier this year

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    pool opening was much easier this year

    water is crystal clear and i have 90% of the debris vacuumed. now all i need is warm weather, the water is like an ice. my secret was to not let the pool get nasty, as is waiting for hot, swimming weather to work on it. it was probably mid april when i got all of the leaves out. i used the vacuum hose as a siphon to the ouside of the pool to get the leaves out. if you run it through the filter or even the pump you have to stop constantly to empty the leaves out. you dont get as much suction but it was more then enough to remove the leaves. i did this before the pool water turned green, in fact i never allowed the pool water to get green. i then filled the water the rest of the way to the skimmer basket, ran the filter, and dumped in 3 bags of el-cheapo walmart shock. water turned clear overnight. after several normal vacuuming sessions my pool is crystal clear and good to go. i am just going to keep it like it is and when it gets warm enough to get inside i will "touch it up" doing a final through cleaning.

    my advice is not allow the pool to get nasty and green. do not allow the algae to grown. i used a total of 3 bags of walmart shock totaling less then $10. it also helps that when i stopped the pool last year the water wasnt in bad shape. this year i am going to use walmart liquid chorline instead of the expensive pool store stuff. walmart pool chlorine $2.50 per gallon 10% concentration, pool store stuff $4 per gallon 13% concentration. its only a slightly stronger for almost double price. i do not use granulated or puck garbage either. the most economical and efficient chlorine is the good old liquid gallons, they have been using that in pools as long as pools have existed

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    Re: pool opening was much easier this year

    Opening early and closing late is certainly key, as well as maintaining proper pool chemistry. Glad the shock worked for you and you are going to continue to use bleach/liquid shock rather than powdered products that will cause long term problems. You did not mention it so I would suggest proper home testing if you are not already doing so.

    Best of luck!

    If you could, update your location with a state at least for more relevant comments and your signature with details about your pool.
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