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Thread: When to buy new test reagents?

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    When to buy new test reagents?

    I bought a Taylor K-2006 test kit last year around June. Do I need to buy all new reagents for this year or will I be able to finish off what I had from last year? I did have to replace the DPD powder and the CYA testing solution but everything else is what I had from last year.

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    Re: When to buy new test reagents?

    If the kit was not stored under extreme conditions then almost all the reagents should still be good. If the kit was exposed to extreme cold or heat, or the reagents not tightly capped then I would replace them. I keep my kit inside the house for this reason.
    The only reagent that really might go bad are the DPD powder and the FAS titrant.
    If the powder has turned black it might still be good but I take that as an indicator to replace it. Dark grey powder is ok but I would not use it if it's black
    The FAS titrant does go bad and I like to replace it yearly as a matter of course (or if it is no longer clear but has a peach or pink/orange color).

    You might want to consider getting your replacement reagents from TFTestkits. The prices are good and often a better value than getting the reagents from Taylor. TFTestkits does use Taylor reagents so you would be getting exactly the same reagents! They are extremely fast on shipping and customer service.
    However, the pH reagent used in their kit is NOT the same one used in the K-2006. You need R-0004 and they only sell R-0014 so if you need pH or acid/base demand reagents you will need to get those from Taylor.

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