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Thread: Acid wash on 5 yr old pool

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    Acid wash on 5 yr old pool

    So everyone must forgive me as I am completely new to any type of forum like this.

    My wife had a Brain Aneurysm in 2014. We opened the pool and maintained the balances as best as we could but we did not use it as often as when we first purchased it, 2010-2011. The same was for 2015, we may have only used it half a dozen times each year during 2014-2015. This year, things are well and we opened the pool and took things to Leslie pools for readings, and things were way off. I got my PH leveled finally after speaking with 3 other pool supply companies here in town, but my chlorine levels are still a little high. Anyways, my pool looks like it has calcium deposits but it is not rough like I have read in other posts about calcium buildup. What's happening, is it looks dirty, and I can't seem to get the dirt pulled up. My calcium levels have been where they need to be 280.

    I spoke to the pool builder today and he said that he would acid wash it. My question to everyone is, when I acid wash a salt generated pool, how does it effect things? The pool is 5 yrs. old, should I go ahead with the acid wash? After the acid wash, when should I put salt back into the pool? How badly will my readings be effected by draining my pool, and how quickly can I get things back to normal?

    I know that this is a lot to take in, but I would appreciate any help from those who are more familiar with pools, as you can tell I am a complete newbie... Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    Re: Acid wash on 5 yr old pool

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    I would highly suggest holding off the the acid wash right now. Invest in one of the Recommended Test Kits and stop trusting the lousy pool store testing. Post up a full set of those test results and a few pictures and let's see what you are working with.
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    Re: Acid wash on 5 yr old pool

    I agree with Jason above. Here is my thought process:

    If you have calcium deposits in your pool by maintaining the chemistry at a certain level we may be able to put that calcium back into solution. No need to acid wash the pool. Depending on the calcium in your fill water you may want to do some partial drains but its very possible to get your pool better without an acid wash.

    So I suggest getting the recommended test kits and post some results and some pictures. We can very possibility pull this off without an acid wash. But it requires acurite test results.
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    Re: Acid wash on 5 yr old pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    Agree, an acid wash is a very aggressive approach that could take years off your plaster life. It should be a last resort.
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