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Thread: SWG start up with new plaster pool

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    SWG start up with new plaster pool

    I need help. My pool is 9 years old. It is approx 20,000 gallons. I switched from chlorine to SWG 2 years ago. The 1st year, the SWG was wonderful. The 2nd year, I started to see odd staining in the pool. It appeared to be metallic. Also, it looked like I could see gray/brown appearing through plaster as different parts of the pool. I had the pool tested several times a week for all everything (incldg metals). All readings were good. I decided to have the pool replastered.
    This will be the 3rd year w/SWG. The pool was complete on Saturday with Diamondbrite color Blue Tahoe. They acid washed it on Sunday and we immediately began filling the pool.
    Do you know how soon I can begin putting chemicals to start up the pool. I do not want the water to go green. I have the pump running 24 hrs for 3 days. Can I begin putting salt in with this fresh plaster or do I need to wait for 2 wks to a month? I am afraid to call the store where I purchased the SWG. Each person working there and at each location will give you different answers. The SWG was purchased from Leslie's - Hayward Swimpure Plus. I called the manufacturer. They told me to put approx 500 lbs of salt. Slowly, test between adding salt to besure I do not exceed 3400, but between the range of 2700-3400, then add CA up to 80. I also need to add muratic acid ????

    My concerns are these: I do not want to damage Diamondbrite plaster by adding chemicals too soon, but I also do not want my pool to become a swamp. How much do I use of each chemical to get pool started?

    I did read that I must brush new plaster 2 times a day and then vacuum with a brush not roller type vacuums for 2 weeks.
    I did not realize plaster was so sensitive. I paid too much to damage my pool.

    One last thing, I have many friends with pools. They think I am an idiot for using SWG. They continously tell me that their "pool guy" and designer of pools tell them that SWG are very bad for the pool and stay away from them. I smile. Guess what, I do not swim in their pools because their water leaves me stinky and does not feel as great as my SWG.

    Help please.

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    Re: SWG start up with new plaster pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    With fresh plaster you almost always want to use trichlor tablets for the first 30 to 45 days.

    Most plaster people say not to add salt to the pool for 30 days after plastering.

    Keep in mind that fresh plaster will raise the PH, TA, and CH levels rapidly for the first three or four weeks, and then much more slowly for up to a year. You need to keep an eye on the PH and make sure it never goes over 8.0, and preferably is kept at 7.8 or lower. That may require adding acid as often as twice a day at first.

    You should talk to the company that applied the Diamond Brite and ask them what they recommend. They presumably have some kind of warranty and you don't want to do anything that might void the warranty.
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    Re: SWG start up with new plaster pool

    Your CYA level are very important with a SWG, particularly with new plaster, to help keep the ph from rising quite as quickly. do not be surprised if you are adding acid daily to maintain the pH once it goes online! Once the plaster cures it will settle down.
    You DO have a good test kit, don't you?

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