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Thread: AquaCal Heat Pump Functionality Question

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    AquaCal Heat Pump Functionality Question

    Hi All

    I have a question about my T135 you might be able to answer.

    I've been messing around with my VS pump RPMs to guess my GPMs. The heat pump is rated 30 GPM to 70 GPM.

    When I get to 1230 RPM, the heater goes from No-Flow to On (I hear the fan kick on). However, when I kicked it up to 2300-2500 rpm, I heard the compressor come on (which I thought was already on). So now I am a bit confused as to what it is actually doing and where my flow rates are. I assumed when the unit turned on at 1230 RPM, that mean't it was 30 GPM. Maybe I was wrong and 30 GPM is when the compressor kicked on.

    Here is what I was able to record.
    RPM / PSI (at filter)
    1230 / 2.7
    1400 / 4
    2000 / 9
    2300 / 12
    3000 / 20.5
    3450 / 27.5

    Here is my pump.

    My pool is above ground, but the plumbing runs underground to an equipment pad (approx 30 ft).

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    Re: AquaCal Heat Pump Functionality Question

    I did some reading in the manual. Turns out there is a 4 minute delay for the compressor.

    So when I hit 1230 rpm, the fan comes on. They I wait 4 minutes and the compressor comes on. So I assume now that that is 30 GPM at 1230 rpm.

    I also read in the manual that 50 GPM is what I apparently need? Read these two conflicting pieces of information from the manual.

    "All AquaCal heaters represented within this manual are designed to operate successfully at flowrates of 30-to-70 gallons-per-minute (GPM)"

    "Design the plumbing system to maintain at least 50-GPM flow through the heater under worst
    case conditions (i.e.: filter fouled to 10 psi rise); the heat pump will not operate correctly, nor
    reliably, with less than 50-GPM of water flow supplied. These specifications relate to heater only;
    code-specified whole system turnover rates must be satisfied."

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