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Thread: Test Results & Questions for SW Pool

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    Test Results & Questions for SW Pool


    I am using the TF-100 for the first time in Salt Water pool and could use some help; here's my results:

    FC - 3.5
    CC - 0.5
    Calcium Hardness - 225ppm
    TA - 110
    CYA - ~32-35
    PH - I struggle with reading this one but would guess about 7.8 on the higher side. It always seems to be high even when I use Low & Slo.

    I had my water tested at a pool store about 9 days ago. My CYA was low (the reading was 48) and added 0.75KG of Sun Shield Stabilizer (I added it to the skimmer sock). I'm confused as to why it is now reading lower? Should I be using a different product or method to deliver?

    Another concern is that I tested at 0.3 Iron at the pool store. I've never had more than 0.1 Iron in the pool and is usually 0. The only thing I've done out of the usual was add 25KG of pool salt and some Stain & Scale control.

    There's a fair bit of white/yellow streaking near the skimmer and also on opposite ends of the skimmer from the sides to bottom of pool - any ideas what this could be and how to remove? Some of these marks were already on the liner when we moved in about 9 months ago. I can't decide if they're getting worse or whether I'm simply noticing them more.

    Our pool room is fully stocked with the following chemicals (and I mean fully stocked) - I thought we could use these up and then switch to the TFP method - does this make sense?
    -Sunshield Stabilizer
    -Scale Defender
    -Low & Slow
    -Stabilizer 100
    -Stain & Scale Control
    -Balance Pak 100
    -Balance Pak 300
    -Optimizer Plus

    For the most part I run my Turbo Cell T-15 at about 35%, usually for 8 hours. Sometimes it is run longer if we are heating the pool.

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit: When testing for CH - should the solution to be a true red or is pink acceptable in order to proceed to the next step?
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    Re: Test Results & Questions for SW Pool

    Here's my list:

    Baking soda
    Muriatic acid
    Walmart stabilizer

    Guess whos' list is shorter and cheaper.

    If the balance packs list any minerals or metals-----pitch them.

    Your SWG will constantly drive your PH up.. Keep it in check.

    The rest--read the labels and see what extra goodies they contain that may surprise you. Don't add anything to your pool without knowing what results you can expect from them. Enjoy Pool School.
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    Re: Test Results & Questions for SW Pool

    Don't put things in your pool when you don't know what they are. "Using up" all that free chemistry may get you into trouble. Get past the brand names and post some ingredients. There may be some stuff to save but we need more than just brand names.

    Secondly, you are ahead of the game to NEVER trust pool store results. They can be off by a lot and you will overdose or under dose.

    Last, tell us what your water looks like.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Test Results & Questions for SW Pool

    Thanks. Water looks good and clear. I was trusting the pool store before I found you guys and knew otherwise. I am now going to try to do this the TFP way. We inherited the chems and although it would be nice if they could be used, don't feel too bad tossing them. I'm ordering in Canada and will be placing an order next week - these appear to look good to me; would you mind taking a quick look to see if these products look acceptable?

    Stabilizer (there's 2 - is one better?):
    Home Hardware - 1.8kg Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner
    Home Hardware - 1kg Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner

    Muriatic Acid - there's 2 - is any one better?
    Home Hardware - 1L Muriatic Acid
    Home Hardware - 4L Muriatic Acid

    Baking soda:
    Home Hardware - 2kg Baking Soda

    Calcium Chloride:
    Home Hardware - 20kg Calcium Chloride

    I've searched around on the whitish/ yellow streaks and haven't come up with anything definitive - I've inserted a pic of a portion of some of the streaking. Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Test Results & Questions for SW Pool

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