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Thread: Pool paint fading

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    Pool paint fading

    Last October I bought a house with an in ground plaster pool. The pool was recently painted before I bought the house. As this is my first pool I did not know anything about maintaining it. So I went to the local mom and pop pool store and they gave me a bunch of tips. They told me to use liquid chlorine only.

    Everything has been going well, the pool has looked great. Well now with summer coming, a friend told me I should use the chlorine tablets in a floater to maintain a more consistent free chlorine level. I started using them a couple weeks go and suddenly I am noticing a bunch of places in the pool where the paint seems to be wearing away (I can see the old pool plaster underneath the paint).

    Could this be caused by using the tablets vs solely the liquid chlorine or is this just a coincidence?

    My current readings are:
    Free Chlorine: 4 (added some liquid last night but usually is around 2)
    Combined Chlorine: .4
    7.6 PH
    120 Alkalinity
    180 Calcium hardness
    I couldn't get a reading on the CYA so I'm assuming less than 30.

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    Re: Pool paint fading

    Pool paint never last more than a year. It is more like an ugly bandaid. I doubt the pucks did anything detrimental to the paint. I will caution you as will others that pucks are not a better way to chlorinated your pool as they will continually add CYA to the pool. They do have their place though if you understand how they can work for you and what they add to the water.
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