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Thread: In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool & Vole Infestation

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    In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool & Vole Infestation

    I was hoping to get some insight into a problem I have in my yard. I have a pretty bad vole infestation that I've been fighting with traps, which has been not too successful thusfar. Neighbors on either side of me have dogs, which I think have lead to a population increase in my yard. I have eliminated almost all food sources aside from my lawn itself.

    Now if it was just the lawn being damaged with the runways from the voles, I wouldn't be as concerned I suppose. However half of my in ground pool is bordered by my concrete patio and the other half is bordered by my back yard. They have been tunneling under the 2-3 foot concrete ledge on the edge of my pool on the lawn side. I'll try to post a picture if its helpful.

    So my question is two parts really. First does anyone have any advice on getting rid of them, my next attempt was going to be spreading bobcat urine as I had read someone else on here had success with that. And second, I am concerned about them getting rid of the support for that side of the pool. So I was considering spraying in the green can of the great stuff foam insulation to keep them out and potentially backfilling with some soil first. My worry about that is them chewing through the liner if I trap them back there, and/or if I put enough of the spray foam in that it hits the back of the pool itself, I'm not sure how the pool is constructed and if that would cause an issue should I need to change the liner down the road. I considered just burying some wire mesh to keep them out, but am now worried about support for the concrete ledge around the pool.

    Any advice is appreciated, these things are driving me crazy. I'm worried about costly pool repairs if they are doing structural damage.

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    Re: In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool & Vole Infestation

    5900 G Fiberglass IG pool (circa 1990), SWG Hayward Aqua Rite GoldLine (2013), IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump (2013), Hayward Pro Sand Filter (circa 1990), Well water (no iron or other metals fortunately), test with Taylor K2006C, Charleston, SC

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