We have a mesh custom cover that has actually lasted 18 seasons in Pa although it has no green on it any longer - it may be a loop-loc not sure.
So its time to replace but i have a few questions or if anyone has any advice.
- for a pool my size with attached raised spa the new cover will be approx $3500 to $4500
- I hate the extra work the mesh causes upon opening - usually 2 to 3 days of backwashing and vacuuming at a minimum to get out all the debris that mesh allows
- anyone use Leslies covers? they have a new micro mesh that is supposed to let in only water and no debris -(avoids the hassle of pumping water off a solid cover)
- I know the best way to keep out debris would be solid cover with inserts for the spaces where the cover stretches up to the raised spa - i'm sure I get lots of debris from there now.
- Leslies offers 20% off starting in July - due to price this is significant discount

all opinions will be appreciated...thx