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Thread: Hayward Heater would not fire up ... found internal gas valve ... SOLVED

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    Hayward Heater would not fire up ... found internal gas valve ... SOLVED

    Have a Hayward heater and decided to use the spa last week. The heater fan would start and you could hear the ignitor working but it would not start up. gas line outside the heater was open..... I was hoping it wouldn't be one of the boards and got a I F indication on the readout.... I called a gas guy that I used a couple of years ago and he said it could be spider webs and did I smell gas. I replied no and he said that I should open the control module and where the gas comes into the heater there is a knob. I opened it and could hardly see much but felt around and indeed there was something you could turn and sure enough after turning it counter clock wise, I got the heater working. What I find disturbing about this is that I have had the pool for 6 years and never even knew this turn off knob was even there. I also can't believe the pool guys when opening or closing have actually ever shut this down until now..... just odd to me....

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    Re: Hayward Heater would not fire up ... found internal gas valve ... SOLVED

    Thanks for the tip.

    I updated your title for people in the future.
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    Re: Hayward Heater would not fire up ... found internal gas valve ... SOLVED

    update on issue

    Heater is fine and has been working since i turned this internal knob.

    Last weekend was at the pool store where we bought and service the pool to check my water. I happened to run into the owner and we talked a bit and then I mentioned this issue. I wanted to know if they always shut this valve and if so why wouldn't the guys opening the pool turn it back on.

    he explains to me that it is now a regulation in Ontario (Canada) that only a licensed gas fitter can turn that knob on, and the guys opening the pool are not licensed. I told him I had done it myself and he said it is very dangerous and I could blow up!! Really? With the power off? In any case I said that it was working fine now and seemed fine. I would prefer they not go into the heater in the fall and shut that valve in the future and I will do it as now it makes sense why I had issues with one of my boards a few years ago. These guys are always in a rush and I am sure they shorted the board out with water or static.

    As I drove home I was really irked by what he said and thought to myself...well if this was true, then why did they not inform me of this after the pool was opened as the heater was not going to work until they arranged a gas fitter to turn it on.

    Something pretty fishy about this.... any other Ontario residences hear anything about this? I know plenty of people who do their own openings and closings and am pretty sure they are not calling someone to turn a knob on.

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    Re: Hayward Heater would not fire up ... found internal gas valve ... SOLVED

    If they couldn't turn it to on, then they should inform the customer of such. Sounds like a union thing that only a gas person can turn the knob to on. I find that somewhat funny.
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