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Thread: First Time Opening Pool

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    First Time Opening Pool

    Just opened my pool myself for the first time over the weekend:

    IG 17,500 gallons
    FC - 24 ppm
    CC - 0 ppm
    CYA - 55 ppm
    PH - over 8 (I think)
    TA - 100 ppm
    CH - 400 ppm
    Salt - Do not know as my Taylor 2006 kit didn't have the bottles for it.

    I think I messed up my PH test and got a very high value (took 4 drops to get it to 7.4) when I tested it again. Unfortunately, this was after I had started the SLAM and it sounds like one can get false high PH readings with FC levels over 10 ppm. My plan is to wait until FC levels drop under 10 after the SLAM is complete so I can get an accurate PH reading before adding muriatic acid if necessary. Sound okay?

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    Re: First Time Opening Pool

    Welcome to TFP!!

    How does the water look? Do you have visible algae?

    I would be concerned if you are going got have a prolonged SLAM to have pH somewhere north of 8.0. We always recommend getting the pH down to 7.2 or so before the addition of chlorine to start the SLAM.

    Please edit your signature and add the following information so we can better frame our answers to you.

    • The size of your pool in gallons
    • If your pool is an AG (above ground) or IG (in ground)
    • If it's IG, tell us if it's vinyl, plaster/pebble, or fiberglass
    • The type filter you have (sand, DE, cartridge)
    • If you know, tell us the make and model of your pump and filter.
    • List any other equipment you have: SWG, second pump, etc.
    • Please mention if you fill the pool from a well or are currently on water restrictions

    Information in your signature will show up each time you post and it makes advice more accurate as we know what equipment we are dealing with.
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    Re: First Time Opening Pool

    i think if you already began the SLAM might as well continue. you could always just add some acid to lower your pH by 0.4 or so and be safe. i wouldnt postpone your SLAM if you already got started personally. others may disagree. as you noted correctly, you cannot test for pH now until FC goes below 10. do you have an active algae outbreak? also, for CYA round up to the next number, so CYA of 60 and base your slam value on that (24ppm)
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    Re: First Time Opening Pool

    Water looks good to me. Was tempted to jump in as soon as I got all the leaves out of the pool! I don't see any visible signs of algae but I did add some muriatic acid to lower the pH per DaninFLA's advice below and now the pool color has turned more blue. Could just be the evening light. I will add bleach after the sun sets tonight and will test the FC again. The FC dropped by 6 ppm (24 to 18 ppm) during the day today. Is that a larger than usual drop? It wasn't particularly sunny so I was a little surprised.

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