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Thread: Priming Parameters - Intellitouch w/ Intelliflo VS

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    Angry Priming Parameters - Intellitouch w/ Intelliflo VS

    Here's my setup....

    16x32 vinyl liner pool only / no spa /
    21k gallons
    Intellitouch i5+3s panel / Mobiletouch wireless remote
    Intelliflow VS pump / Pentair sand filter / Pentail 200k Mastertemp heater
    Hayward inline hockey puck chlorinator
    Pentair Intellibrite LED color changing light
    Inter-fab X-Stream 2 Slide w/ Valve Actuator

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the priming parameters on the Mobiletouch remote do for my VS pump. There are 2 settings on the remote at the following menu location --> MENU --> SETUP --> EQUIPMENT --> INTELLIFLO --> IFlo VS #1 --> PRIMING PARAMETERS -->
    I understand the VS pump is supposed to cycle for 3 sec. @ 1800 RPM and then determine, based on current draw, whether the pump is primed or empty. If primed, it's supposed to revert to the specified RPM for whatever program it's in. If not primed, it's supposed to kick up into max RPM.

    I've got 2 issues....
    #1 - Every single time the pump starts, after 3 sec., it always kicks up to max RPM of 3,450, even when the basket is full of water with no air in it.

    #2 - There's a sensitivity setting of 1% from the factory - I've taken this all the way to 100% and the pump still always kicks up to max RPM.

    #3 - The PRIMING TIME and PRIMING SPEED on the Mobiletouch above don't seem to do anything, at all.

    Can anyone explain why the 100% sensitivity doesn't keep the pump from priming at max RPM?
    Can anyone explain what the 2 settings on the Mobiletouch do?

    This entire Intellitouch system is really way too complicated, the manual is poorly written, and all of the controls and menus seem to have been hacked together with no forethought. For as much money as this system costs, it's really pretty bad.

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    Re: Priming Parameters - Intellitouch w/ Intelliflo VS


    I played with this when I first got an EasyTouch and, just like you, found that it did not work very well. This has been reported before, so if you search this site, you can see what others had to say about it. I don't remember a fix.

    This is just one of the reasons that I run my pump 24/7. I know it cost a little more, but not much, and I like the idea of the pump not constantly priming, as you turn it on and off.

    Jim R.
    Finished in 2015 - 17K Gal, IG, 20' x 25' Almost Rectangular Pool, Pebble finish, three rockport water falls. Pentair Equipment: EasyTouch 4, IC40 SWG, 3 HP VS Pump, CCP520 Cartridge Filter.
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    Re: Priming Parameters - Intellitouch w/ Intelliflo VS

    I know this is an old thread, but did you ever resolve this? I have the same issues.

    Set pump to - max prime time = 11 min, sensitivity = 100%, priming delay = 1 sec. pump does 1800 for 3 sec then 3450 for 6 sec, then to requested rpm, even if it does not yet have prime.

    Set pump to - max time = 11 min, sensitivity = 100%, priming delay = 20 sec. pump does as above, but runs at 3450 for 26 sec. So with thee settings it seems pump runs at 3450 for the seconds set in priming delay + 6 seconds.

    Set pump to - max time = 11 min., sensitivity = 20%, delay = 20 sec. and made sure pump did not have prime (it is 4' above pool). Now pump stayed at 3450 for 2 min when it caught prime. good. but when rpm lowered to 1500 , there was a "burp" or air bubble. Basket only had 1/2 full water and at lower speed, although water was flowing, it took a while to fill.

    I don't know what priming delay does, but what I would like it to do is specify the number of seconds to run at 3450 (or priming speed) after prime is detected. I have not seen any change with different sensitivity settings.

    What I REALLY hoped these settings would do is shut down pump if prime is lost while pump is running. This can happen in heavy leaf fall if skimmers and main drain get clogged and we are out of town. It looks like none of these settings applies after pump is running.
    20K IG White plaster, deck jets, sun ledge w/ bubblers, 3HP IntelliFlo VS, Polaris 280, PF100 sand filter, IC40 SWCG, EasyTouch, ScreenLogic automation.

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