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Thread: how my pool works and how to self clean

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    how my pool works and how to self clean

    20160507_153350.jpg20160507_150202.jpg20160507_150318.jpg I'm trying to figure out how or what this second hole is in the skimmer, I'm trying to use a pole and hose connected with attachment but have no luck with either side of the pools skimmer and its really rough right now trying to clean the pool. . . . ill upload more pictures if I'm able too I'm new to this forum and hoping for some help for my rookie self! I watched my dad run his in-ground pool all the time but we never had this box.

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    Re: how my pool works and how to self clean

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Some times pool builders will "daisy chain" skimmers and drains so that they only need to have one pipe fun back to the equipment pad. So the pipe may go from a main drain to skimmer #1, then to skimmer #2 then to the equipment pad. As it gives the pool owner less control this is not the optimal way to do it.

    The better way is a pipe from each device going back to the pad with valves for each run before they tie together before the pump. Looking at your pump/filter picture I'm figuring your is done the better way. The pipes I can read say Main Drain and I think left skimmer. In this case only one of the holes in the bottom of the skimmer would be open, the other should still have the factory plug in it.

    So, by installing the hose & adapter plate in the skimmer you should get suction through the hose. You want to have the hose as full of water as possible before you connect it or all the air in the hose could cause the pump to loose prime. If you need additional suction through the hose you can close the other two valves.

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    Re: how my pool works and how to self clean

    If you have 2 skimmers, use the hose adapter at one and plug the second one with a rubber stopper during vacuum use.
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