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Thread: CH-Test out of this World?

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    CH-Test out of this World?

    1. Rinse and fill the clear plastic cylinder to the 10ml mark
    2. Add 10 drops of R-0010 and mix. Then, add 3 drops of
    R-0011L and mix. Red indicates the presence of Calcium.
    3. Add R-0012, one drop at a time, ‘til color changes to blue. Multiply number of drops times 25. NOTE: If the pool water contains known copper, add two drops of R-0012 PRIOR to adding R-0011Land continue. Count the two drops in your R-0012 total. Record.

    Okay did that...
    Weather cold
    I used the glass one... going to use plastic.... Frig is that why?
    Just used the other mixing tube and now it's 80 drops x 25 so 2000

    93 drops to blue ? x 25 = 2,325?

    Hand swirling...

    Yikes is this possible?
    The pool is crystal clear and no scale..
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    Re: CH-Test out of this World?

    That is crazy high for sure. Have you tried a test on your fill water by any chance? Shame you don't have the "Speed Stir". The CH test is one that it really helps with.
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    Re: CH-Test out of this World?

    If you have hard water and you've never drained, I suppose it's possible. In the summer I gain about 25 CH per week.

    I will say that my CH dropped 200 points -- roughly 40% -- when I switched to using the speedstir for the CH test.

    When I test (currently I'd hovering around 1000) I start by adding 10 drops of R-0012 and let the speedstir have a full cycle. Then 10 drops of R-0010 and another cycle, then 5 drops of the R-0011 so the color is deeper. And then I add 10 drops at a time until I start getting closer, letting the speedstir run a full cycle each time. I've experimented by not adding the drops beforehand, and only adding two, and using only 3 drops of indicator, and it hasn't changed the facts.

    Use the speedstir and take plenty of time. And then consider a partial drain or reverse osmosis. You're in one of the few areas of the country where that's available.
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