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Thread: Nylon brush on older plaster

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    Nylon brush on older plaster

    I read on TFP that Nylon brushes are for vinyl, fiberglass, tile, and plaster that is less than one year. (Plaster includes any exposed aggregate and marcite finish) Combo brushes are for older plaster. All stainless are for algae (very stubborn green algae and also the ONLY brush for black algae.)

    I have both a Nylon & a combo & two poles & I'm trying to avoid the labor associated w adjusting the Wall Whale (for bottom vs walls).

    The Nylon on my older plaster is OK for ditrubing organics etc on the plaster. But am I also treating (smoothening etc) the plaster w the combo? Is it silly to use Nylon on my older plaster?

    If Nylon is a decent idea for my older plaster, then which would you use the combo on, the walls or bottom? Walls have greater surface area, but bottom gets more crud sitting on it.

    19,800 gallons (closed/winter 18,654 gal); plaster; 18x34 Ft kidney bean shape, Depth 3Ft-5Ft. Built 1992
    Pentair Whisper Flow Pump 1HP. Winter safety cover w anchors.
    Sand filter, Pentair Sand Dollar Top Mount Model SD80; Effective Filtration Area 3.5SF
    - FlowRate 75GPM, 8Hr 36,000, 10Hr 45,000, 12Hr 54,000; Pressure Weight 50PSI
    BBB (Hayward Chlorinator when leave town). Polaris 360 cleaner.

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    Re: Nylon brush on older plaster

    old plaster had a rough suface and algae gets caught in it. The combo brush will get stuff out better. Nylon is too soft. It's not really rocket science, just common sense! IT doesn't really matter if you are brushing the walls or the bottom. A combo brush will do a better job since it is more abrasive.

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