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Thread: chlorine tabs in feeder but lvls are 0

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    chlorine tabs in feeder but lvls are 0

    Pentair Model 320 auto chlorine bromine in line feeder. On-off knob at 5. My husband noticed yesterday there wasn't any tablets in it. We've had a lot going on for the last two weeks. He put four tablets in the feeder yesterday. We've ran the pool two full 8 hour cycles. This morning the chlorine levels were zero with two different testers.
    I just tested again seven hours later that the pool has been running. It's still zero.
    Any ideas?
    I'm wondering if another knob got turned when the lawn guys came or if my husband turned knobs he wasn't supposed to. We moved here 11 months ago. This is our first pool. It came with the house.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: chlorine tabs in feeder but lvls are 0

    Hello LadyPeace. Well, to be honest, while we at TFP don't generally rely on chlorine tabs for typical, daily chlorination, they have their purposes, and you should have some FC in the water for sure. Now if the in-line feeder became plugged or defective, that of course would effect things. Another item of concern could be how you are testing the FC. Let's share some info back & forth and see if we can help:
    - What kind of pool is this (fiberglass, concrete, vinyl), and how large (gallons) is this pool?
    - What are you using to test the water - specifically FC in this case?
    - Do you happen to know what your CYA and other readings are?
    - Have you tried simply adding about 1/2 gallon of bleach to the water with pump circulating, then testing about 15 minutes later to see if you get any FC results?

    I'd love to give you a quick and easy answer Ms. Lady, but to be honest, we don't like to rely on those tabs for all-day chlorination. They increase CYA levels too quickly that generally require people to drain and replace water. A short visit to our Pool School (link below in my sig) will tell you all about that. I don't want to overload you with too much info, but certainly do want to help you and your husband get this resolved and help you enjoy a trouble-free pool.

    So with a little more info, maybe we can help you resolve this issue.
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    Re: chlorine tabs in feeder but lvls are 0

    If the pool went without chlorine for a while it is very possible that you have some algae growing in your pool that is jow consumi g the chlorine. We recommend the Pool School - Perform the Overnight FC Loss Test (OCLT) to check for algae. If you don't pass the test the kill the algae using this process, Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain
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