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Thread: Inlet "Eyeball" position?

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    Inlet "Eyeball" position?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me in determining the correct positioning of the inlet "eyeballs"? Just to be clear, I'm inquiring about the direction of the flow exiting the inlet. I'm sure there is a optimal configuration, but have been unable to locate any details on-line.

    My pool facts..

    3 inlets and two skimmers.
    One end of the pool is fairly round, with the other having a few corners.

    1. Should the flow be directed around the pool, so that the flow follows the pool wall? Or, should the inlets be directed towards each skimmer?

    2. Should the flow break the surface of the water(ripples)? ( I read somewhere this can cause cloudy water)

    I hope I've provided you with enough info, if not I will be happy to provide more.
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    Re: Inlet "Eyeball" position?

    Eyeball aiming can be important when it comes to keeping the surface clean and making pool cleaners work properly. I have a lot of bugs, so I aim mine to ripple the surface lightly and keep things moving better toward the skimmer. I have a return in my stairs, and I have that one set to ripple the surface pretty aggressively to keep things from getting trapped there. If you notice floating debris not making its way to the skimmer, you might adjust the returns a little to see if it makes a difference.
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    Re: Inlet "Eyeball" position?

    With no main drain, it's important that you get as much movement on the bottom of the pool as possible in order to properly circulate your water and prevent dead spots where algae can accumulate with ease. With two skimmers you should still be able to do this and still keep the surface moving. This is especially important in deeper water, so if you need to use one of the returns to affect the surface use one that would be pointed at the shallow end.

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    Re: Inlet "Eyeball" position?

    I hope this isn't hijacking, but I have one return. Which way should it point?
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    Re: Inlet "Eyeball" position?

    WIth only a single return, you want it aimed to the side and down towards the deep end of the pool. You want to water to circulate around the pool and to mix water with the water at the bottom of the deep end.
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