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Thread: heater on off schedule or always on? question

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    heater on off schedule or always on? question

    What is the consensus regarding energy demand for a pool heater?
    I'm trying to figure out what uses the most energy:

    keeping the heater on and set for 86F 24/7?
    lowering the heating temp to 80F when not in use? (this is what i've been doing for the most part)
    turning it on only the day i need it?

    We usually use the pool monday, wednesday and saturday/sunday.
    gas heater 400,000 btu
    day temp are in the 60-70
    night tamp are 50-60
    the pool is in a green house

    Is there a more scientific way to calculate/predict the most efficient way?
    I know it s a pretty hard and general question to answer, just wondered what people are doing...



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    Re: heater on off schedule or always on? question

    Invest in a solar cover as that will keep your investment of heat in the water. Since you swim that often turning the temp down on non use days is probably best. This way it won't take long to heat up to your desired temp.
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    Re: heater on off schedule or always on? question

    You didn't mention the size and gallons of your pool.

    I had solar panels at my last house and only used them on sat-sun 12-5 when full sun was on them.

    I was able to maintain 80-84 for the duration of the summer with an 8 mil bubble cover on at night
    and most week days unless swimming.

    I have gas heating at the new place and intend to follow that same schedule (only heating those weekend hours), though my heater
    could be slightly oversized and may need less time to keep the water comfy.
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    Re: heater on off schedule or always on? question

    pool is 16*36 and 26,000 gal

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    Re: heater on off schedule or always on? question

    A solar system would be nice but we've invested a lot this year on the pool heater so this will have to wait.
    As for pool cover, i know that would help a LOT but it is in a closed green house so it ought to keep the warm in a bit more than if it was outdoor.
    Also, at this point i don't want to install a pool cover because my dog almost drowned a few weeks ago.
    I was doing work on deck and left a tarp on the pool to keep debris out of the water.
    I happened to glance at the pool after dark and saw something out of whack, the tarp looked like it had been "moved" and part of it sunk to the bottom. I looked at the dog (still dark) and it looked like he was wet, not a little wet like if it was raining but wet like he took a bath. When i turned the lights on, there was bloody prints everywhere, on the concrete patio, around the pool and you could actually tell where he managed to claw his way out, in the process he rubbed is nails flush with his toes....lots of blood.
    Lesson learned.

    If the gas bill is way outrageous, i'll have to get one and will have to keep the dog out of the yard at night
    The pump is running 24/7 for now, wouldn't that be an issue if i had a pool cover on? I was under the impression they were not tied up to the deck or anything...

    - - - Updated - - -

    that heater heats fast, i was quite impressed when i 1st turned it on. in less than 11 hours, the water went from 63 at 8 PM to 80 the next day at 7 am.
    Not too worried on how fast it gets hot, more about how much $$$$ i'm wasting doing one way vs another.
    I would think keeping it lower temp (80) when not in use would be the best compromise but you never know till u ask ppl with more experience.

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