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Thread: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

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    Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    I posted the other day about which to do first - SLAM/balance or treat metals through the AA process. Got advice to balance first so I got out my test kit to see where things stand.

    1. Let me start by saying I KNOW I MESSED UP. We did not cover our pool this winter - kept it open and pumps running to keep the water flowing. My husband ran the polaris and cleaned the filters on a regular basis. He threw in some chlorine every once in a while (pucks) but I kind of slacked on the testing. This is bad. I know. I know. The pool WAS in perfect balance when we stopped swimming last fall. It has remained clear and sparkly this entire time.

    2. Last week we had a metal bloom - for lack of a better word. Our fiberglass steps are rust colored but the liner is not stained (yet). I did the AA test and it is obviously metal staining.

    3. I have the TF-100 from TF Test Kits. I got all new reagents at the beginning of last summer, kept them inside, in a dark cabinet. Had reliable readings all summer. This is the kit I used tonight. Here are my results:

    Ph ---6.8 (or possibly lower?)
    TA----I stopped counting after 100 drops of the reagent and the solution was still pink. OMG!!!!!!!
    CYA--80 (this is intentional - pool gets 12+ hours full sun in the summer)

    Since we got a new liner last summer we struggled with chronically low CYA - so we used pucks on purpose over the winter to try and build CYA.... So the high CYA was an expected reading after the winter. I am freaked out by the pH and TA readings though. The crazy thing is that other than the staining on the steps the pool looks good - water is clear.

    I should order new reagents, right? I was thinking of taking a sample of water into a store tomorrow just to get another reading using different reagents while I wait for an order to come in.

    The TA can't possibly be that high, can it??????
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    Re: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    The TA isn't high, it's low. It should turn green first, and then red/pink. Your pH is lower than 6.8, and there is nothing wrong with your reagent.
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    Re: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    Well I feel stupid!!!!! How did I forget it goes from green to pink?

    Good grief. Ok. Well at least now I know what to do! Thanks!
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    located in central Arkansas
    Built in 1986 and looks better than ever!

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    Re: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    You need to get your TA up right away, and then your pH. With that low of pH and TA and a sudden problem with metal staining begs the question: where did the metal suddenly come from?

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    Re: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    Hey at least you knew where to come for help! AND you know what to do to fix the problem. Let us know how it goes!

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    Re: Unbelievable test results - bad reagents?

    Don't kick yourself over forgetting the details of the tests over the winter. Seems I need to retrain myself every spring. It's easy enough to do. All of us have had some kind of screw up at one time or another. Now you're on the right path and ready to get your water in good shape.

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