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Thread: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

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    272 it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    I have the Nautilus Plus coming in Tuesday after doing tons of research and reading reviews, but now I'm starting to second guess myself that maybe I should have got the Triton instead which comes with the caddy and remote. Do you guys really think it's worth the extra money? I got my Nautilus Plus for $695 shipped and can add the caddy for $99. Just can't add the remote bc it doesn't have that function. I was thinking about buying a Catfish vacuum for $79 and just use that on any spots that it may have missed.

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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    remote will gather much dust IMO. Caddy well worth it. smile you did good
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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    My Robot came with a remote, and as Mark says.. it just gathers dust. Something that is cool for the fist 10 minutes and never used afterwards.

    I don't have a caddie, but envy people that do. Not because they have the caddie, but because they are the kind of people that clean up after a project and put things away like you should. I'm not really that kind of guy. My Dolphin is either in the pool or upside down on the deck. It gets used every other day ,or so, and I'm just too lazy to put it away each time.

    If you can order a caddy now, you can order it later.. So, I suggest you use your robot and then decide if a caddie is for you or not.

    Jim R.
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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    My remote also gathers dust as others have said. Unless you have a nice smooth patio/sidewalk between the pool and the home of the robot the caddy is useless. I have to cross gravel, grass and go down three steps to get to the home of my M5. Now, mine is in the pool almost all the time as I use it almost daily. When I put it away I just carry it. The caddy does no good in my situation.
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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    I don't know about the remote, but others seem to think its not necessary. I built myself a little shelf in my shop to put my Dolphin Primal. I made it to where the rollers do not set on the bottom while being stored. It is only heavy when pulling from the water, after the water drains it is not heavy at all. I just clean it out on the pool deck, then carry it to its resting spot.
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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    I use my remote every time I use the robot, either to drive him where I'm going to pull him out, choose the cleaning mode and or program the next cycle. Wouldn't do without the caddy after having that either. Very nice additions if you ask me.
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    Re: it really worth the extra money to have the caddy and remote?

    I have the nautilus plus, and think the caddy would come in handy when I want to put it away. I only use it about 3 times a week so it is easier to leave it next to the pool. If i had the caddy i think i would drag it to the garage more often. Not sure what I would use the remote for. I just put it in and the pool and three hours later it is sparkling.
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