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Thread: Inherited IG pool that wasn't closed properly. Need advice, please!

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    Unhappy Inherited IG pool that wasn't closed properly. Need advice, please!

    Hi, everyone. I am looking forward to getting your input on my pool situation.

    I am new to pool ownership and have an IG vinyl pool with a SWG that wasn't closed properly. The pool was dark green and swampy. It is now greenish and cloudy. I have spent several weekends manually vacuuming the pool. I started putting bleach in, but the organic matter was gobbling it up very quickly. (My FC would basically be zero the next morning each time I tried it). I've been getting out leaves, pine straw, and this slimy dark green (possibly algae?) goop. I have vacuumed for what seems like eternity. There is still some debris in the 9-foot deep end, and it's been extremely difficult to get the debris out of that end, especially because the water is so cloudy that I can't see the bottom. I've gotten enough of the organic matter out to leave a tiny bit of FC in the pool. For example, I put bleach in about two days ago, and there is still 0.5 FC in it today.

    I bought that kit that everyone recommends on here. My results are as follows:

    Chlorine Drop Test (Free Chlorine) = 0.5
    pH = 7.8
    Calcium Hardness = 50
    Total Alkalinity = 80
    Cyanuric Acid = 0, I think, because I could never lose sight of the black dot in the vile
    Salt = 4200

    My question is what should I do next? Should I use flocculant so I can see the bottom of the deep end and might have better luck with the manual vacuum? (I do have a vacuum to waste option on my filter). Should I just keep blindly vacuuming for eternity and hopefully one day get that deep end clean? Should I try some water clarifier? Should I buy some sort of other vacuuming device? I've also used a Leaf Eater, and it has gotten a lot of leaves out but doesn't have much effect in the deep end anymore. I guess one of my biggest problems is that I don't exactly what what's in that deep end.

    Please help!
    Thanks a million!


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    Re: Inherited IG pool that wasn't closed properly. Need advice, please!

    Ok, great about having the test kit. You're going to need to:

    1): put in enough CYA to get to about 30ppm. This will help "hold" your chlorine longer, but once you're done SLAMing the pool and using your SWG again you'll need to raise the CYA level up higher. We'll deal with that later. Pool Math tells me that if you're truly at 0, 96 ounces (8 pounds) of stabilizer will bring you up to 30.

    2) Use muriatic acid to drop your pH to 7.2-7.4. Once that is done, don't bother testing it again till the pool is clear and your FC has dropped below 10. It should take about 55 ounces of MA.

    3) Perform a SLAM procedure using liquid chlorine/household bleach only. Here are the instructions, follow them to the letter. Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    4) Ask questions. Buy lots of bleach. Keep testing and dosing and getting as much schmutz outta the water as your vacuum and leaf scooper will get. Start reading Pool School <link above>

    5) Do NOT put in any other chemical potions at this time. Many not only don't work worth squat, they can complicate the process.
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    Re: Inherited IG pool that wasn't closed properly. Need advice, please!

    Welcome to TFP!

    Yes, vacuuming for eternity is definitely part of the deal! Just say no to clarifer. And just say no to flocculators. Yes to bleach!
    Do you have a leaf rake? That works a lot better for getting out the big chunks.
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    Re: Inherited IG pool that wasn't closed properly. Need advice, please!


    Be careful when you're vacuuming blind. You might annoy him

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