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Thread: Liquid Chlorine

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    Liquid Chlorine

    Is there a way to tell what percent liquid chlorine is? The pool store (which I hate to buy from) has nothing but high school kids working there and when I ask what % it is I got an answer of 47%. . Needless to say no one ever gave me the correct answer so I am wanting to test it myself. Also is $6 for 2.5 gals high for liquid chlorine. I know it probably depends on the strength. I am paying $2.54 for 1.3 gals of 6% now. Thanks for your help
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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    I buy it at 12.5% from the pool store. Its a bit more concentrated is all. $6 for that concentration is high. I paid $5 for mine this year at that concentration and that is why I buy it. Its a bit more concentrated for just about the same price. Basically it still does the same thing, its just a higher dose is all.

    Hope that helps.
    Chad R.

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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    It ought to be labeled, if you can look at the package yourself.
    $6 for 2.5 gal where I am is cheap for 6%, very cheap for 10%.
    $2.54 for 1.3 gal of 6% is between those two. So, assuming the pool store's chlorine is 10%, you're better off buying it there.
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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    Easy way to tell the strength is to add 1 gal per 10k gal of pool water. It will raise the FC by approx the strength of the chlorine. So if you have a 20k gal pool you want to add 2 gal, Test the water before adding and after and subtract the first test results from the second and you will have the approx chlorine strength!

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    Re: Liquid Chlorine

    The % is on th label.

    I pay $4.38 for 2.5 gal of 10.5% so it would not be a savings for me to buy the 6% clorox at Walmart.
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