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Thread: Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

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    Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

    Our Aquatrol is one year old. After start up, the low salt light, no flow light, and inspect cell lights were on. We added salt, inspected the cell (which looked spotless!), and did the reset like explained in the care manual, but the lights keep coming back on! Does anyone on here have some experience with the Aquatrol that can give me some better instructions to follow? I feel the manual is vary vague.

    Before adding salt several days ago, the Aquatrol had a reading of 2400. Now it says 2600. My salt test strip shows 3460. The water temp is 75.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

    I'd first go to the breaker, turn the unit off, wait 10 seconds, and power up again. What do your diagnostic tests show?

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    Re: Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

    If you hold the button in for a few seconds those lights will clear, if you don't have any real problems. Once you get it going let it run a while, generating, then push the button 5 times to get the real time salt measurement, move the switch to super chlorinate and back to run and it will change the salt reading.
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    Re: Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

    I have the exact same thing happening. When I turn the pool on the low flow light is blinking for a minute or so like normal and then it stops blinking and the generating light turns on solid green. At this point everyhting looks like it is working great, and then a minute or so later the low salt and inspect cell light start blinking at the exact same time and the generating light stays on. I can hold down the display button for 3 seconds and get the inspect cell light to stop blinking but the low salt light keeps blinking. This is fine because I probably do need to add a bit of salt. The problem is when I turn the pool off and turn it back on the whole sequence starts again including the inspect cell light stating to blink again. I have inspected and cleaned the cell and it look great. Any ideas?


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    Re: Aquatrol help please! Low salt & inspect cell lights on!

    You may want to check all your valves to make sure you've got proper flow to the cell. If there is insufficient flow to the cell (the reason for the low flow light), the cell is not able to fully energize and give you a better/closer salt estimate.
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