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Thread: Universal Networked ColorLogic Lights in 25 x 60 pool and will Glow In The Dark work?

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    Universal Networked ColorLogic Lights in 25 x 60 pool and will Glow In The Dark work?

    PB tying steel (see picture from today) and I need to decide how many lights I need. I am going to purchase an OmniLogic controller so am going to get the Universal Networked ColorLogic lights. Hayward told me today it had been redesigned and will be able to incorporate the new module currently being developed. Hope that is Hayward's answer to all the leaking issues of the 120 volt 4.0 version that have gotten such terrible reviews.


    1. Based on various TFP suggestions, I am planning on putting 4 of the LPCUN 11050 lights on the south wall in the 50 foot stretch of the shallow and deep. Do you think I need 5? Please see my pool diagram.

    2. They would be below the bench that runs along the south wall. Will the bench be dark enough to be dangerous? It slopes from 9 inches to 23 inches and is 14 inches deep. I was planning on putting 3 x 3 tiles along the edge, every 12 inches, but that won't help if you can't see them. I have some samples of 1 inch glow-in-the-dark tiles that I could put in between the 3 inch tiles. They glow pretty well when I leave them outside during the day and then put them on the kitchen floor at night, but I don't know if you will be able to see them through 23 inches of water. Does anyone have any experience with them?

    3. I don't want the sunshelf to be dark at night so I need to put some lighting on the west wall. Unlike the 120 volt lights that need to be 18 inches below the waterline, these 12 volt lights only need to be 4 inches below. Assuming they are about 11 inches in diameter (does anyone know? I couldn't find a measurement on them), I could use them instead of the 1 1/2 inch little 360s and if centered on the west wall, I would still have 3 inches of space on the wall between the rim of the light and the bottom of the pool. If I did that would one be enough? Or should I space two on that wall?

    The alternative would be putting a number (how many?) of the 360s that are just 1 1/2 inches. That doesn't seem too practical though since they are $292 and the large ones are $545.

    Thanks everyone. I'm afraid the picture was 8 KB too big and I don't know how to compact it.

    IMG_4252 (1).JPG
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    Re: Universal Networked ColorLogic Lights in 25 x 60 pool and will Glow In The Dark w

    Try using photobucket. All you have to do once your account is set up (it's free!) is upload any pics and the copy and paste the IMG code.
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    Re: Universal Networked ColorLogic Lights in 25 x 60 pool and will Glow In The Dark w

    Any thought given to lighted bubblers to light the shelf? I do also think that you will want some light on the long house side bench.

    You may just have to go non-optimal and put one of the really small lights on the right side shining down the bench. Not a lot of light is needed just something to reflect the plaster color to define the bench.

    On the shelf - tough call for how best to light. One or two in the lower left would be my best guess.

    Hopefully others will chime in. Emersondad has used some small lights recently.
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