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Thread: swim up bar stools. how deep, how high, how far apart?

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    swim up bar stools. how deep, how high, how far apart?

    So... designing the backyard oasis and that includes a swim up bar for the pool. We are thinking 14" round columns for bar stools in the pool, but I really want to get the proper placement nailed. We want it to be comfortable after all as we only get one shot at it.

    The builders are saying 18" depth for the seat height from what would be counter top. That is very high IMO, It's comfortable sitting about 14" from seat top to counter top, and I don't think you'd want to go much higher.
    Second, typically how far from the seat to the bottom of the pool is comfortable? I am fairly tall, and I am comfortable at a distance of 2ft from seat bottom to the floor. I can go higher, but shorter people may not.
    Third, Stool distance from pool wall. I am thinking about 13" here, though that might be a touch close. Our pool bar will not have a significant overhang so the stool needs to be closer than normal but I don't want to crash knees against the side of the pool.
    And last... distance between stools. Most pool bars I've been to have stools really far apart. I am thinking this might be because they are public areas so they are designed for a sit/stand/sit/stand arrangement. Anyhow, I am thinking about 9-12" apart to give enough room for elbows and manoeuvring as you're seated.

    Needless to say I have never designed a swim up bar/conversation area, so I am asking for advice.


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    Re: swim up bar stools. how deep, how high, how far apart?

    I would use a bar and some stools in the house (or at a store if you do not have any at home) to play with. Use books under the legs of the stools to play with the height. hehe I can see it now at the store "What are you doing??" "Oh just trying to figure out how high to have my stools in my swim up bar." LOL You do what you gotta do!

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    Re: swim up bar stools. how deep, how high, how far apart?

    Industry standard for table and chair height is 30" high table and 18" high seat bottom (each measured from floor). That leaves 12" between seat and bottom of table. Any more than that and you may start to feel like Edith Ann in her giant rocking chair!
    Regarding how close to the wall your stools should be, think about distance between your sofa and cocktail table. I think 16-18" is a good rule of thumb.

    Distance between stools, I would plan on 24" to avoid bumping of elbows and to allow people to comfortably move about.

    This is from industry standards for event planners. Feel free to amend to your situation.
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