Hello to all,

The battery on my Aqua Pod Remote was not holding a charge for too long, and I did a google search and came up w a link to, of course, TFP. It was started in 2011 and the last post was 2014. I was wondering if anyone has found an exact battery replacement either the same make/model that comes w the remote or a qualified OEM like replacement?

For your convenience, I have enclose the link: Goldline Aqua Pod Remote Control Battery replacement? [Archive] - Trouble Free Pool

I surely appreciate anyone's help. As noted in the link, I have tried pulling out the base-charger contact pins and used an eraser for the remote contacts...a bit of a positive result, but I need a new battery. It's also about 1 yr old since I've had it.

Thanks and pls advise, and a Happy Easter to all,