I recently ordered a removable mesh fence online from the "pool center",(not sure if thats allowed).Anyways after two weeks I finally called them to find out where it was ,and was told the international order person would call me back. When I called back after another week and told them that I would not be "called back",and that I would like to talk to somebody now. A little while on hold and someone told me that they have not sent it yet due to the fact that they misquoted the shipping,and that it would be another hundred dollars to get it here.I said that that would have been fine had someone sent some form of correspondence or a quick phone call to let me know of the extra costs ,instead of me waiting by the door for three weeks for it to show up. Sorry to rant on but just a heads up for anybody else considering doing business with them.(this is the second time they've done this to me)I know, "fool me twice".Anyways I called "Baby Guard" directly and talked to an excellent guy named Rob. He had it shipped the same day so should be here in a couple days. Again sorry for the long post, but I feel much better. Thanks for "listening"................Burke