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Thread: Electrician wired equipment up differently.. Does it need to be corrected?

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    Electrician wired equipment up differently.. Does it need to be corrected?

    So we are building a new home and things have been going so slow.. We had the pool installed before the winter season so that we could fit all the trucks in the yard.. Anyway.. Spring was coming so we had the pool company set everything up and the only thing left to do was the electric hook up.. We used the electrician that worked on the house since he was familiar with everything.. Anyway, I told the builder that we had a salt water chlorine generator as part of the package and that it had a built in timer.. I told him that the pool company told me that the pump gets hooked up to the chlorine generator and the timer will run both the salt generator and the pump.. WELL.. I just went to the house and saw that the electrician wired everything separately.. He wired the salt water generator to its own electric and then ran the pump to a separate timer and then the pool heater to another timer.. So now I have three timers.. I am just wondering if I should have the electrician come back and rewire the system.. I am nervous as to what would happen if the chlorine generator is turned on without the pump or vice versa.. Any opinions?

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    Re: Electrician wired equipment up differently.. Does it need to be corrected?

    There is a benefit to having them wired to the same timer: The salt system will never run unless the pump is running.

    But the way he hooked it up is not wrong and as you can see with this method you get the benefit of much more control of your SWG. He could have hooked the pump into the SWG control panel. He probably set it up this way because he does not want the heater to operate without the pump. That goes bad fast. The SWG operating without the pump is not good but not as bad as the heater operating without the pump.

    Note that none of the examples in the manual show a heater as a part of the system. It never discusses installation in a system with a heater except to say it should be downstream.

    Talk to him and make sure that the panel will not allow the heater to operate without the pump because that is the one thing you do not want.
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    Re: Electrician wired equipment up differently.. Does it need to be corrected?

    Personally, I prefer my pump and swg on different timers. This gives me flexibility to run my pump without having the SWG going at the same time and overchlorinating the pool. This can be very handy if you like to keep your pool skimmed and also get the best efficiency out of the SWG.

    There will be times where you will need or want to filter for long periods of times for skimming the water. Or if you're like me, to just enjoy the movement of water current on a lazy day or evening. If the swg comes on whenever teh pump runs, then to make the best efficiency of the SWG, will have to adjust the output, and test, and adjust and test....and so on. ..... or just let the swg run and not get the best efficiency from it.

    You may not realize it yet, but I think your electrician did you a favor that over time, you will come to greatly appreciate.
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    Re: Electrician wired equipment up differently.. Does it need to be corrected?

    I guess it's a personal choice. I have my pump and SWG on a single timer. If the pump is running I want the SWG running with it. My heater is not on a timer and I count on the flow switch in the heater to turn it on and off. The downside to having everything on different timers is having to get the timers all on the same page. I am one of those people that constantly plays with the time my equipment runs...I would hate to do that with 3 timers.
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