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Thread: Starting over

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    Starting over

    I took the pool down last fall to level and start new this spring.
    Have filled it up, added some bleach for algae in bottom, and muriatic acid because I knew I would need it.
    Tested today and here are readings:
    Chlorine - 0
    PH - 7.4
    Alkalinity - 330
    CH - 25-50
    CYA - 0

    I put that into pool math and it told me to add more bleach, TONS of calcuim chloride, and stabilizer.
    Do I go ahead and balance it with those recommendations before adding the SALT and turning on the SWG?

    Or do you have different advice?

    Intex 14400 Gal
    Sand Filter Pump
    SWG - may need to get a new one this season

    East Texas

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    Re: Starting over

    Melissa, since this is new water, lets help get you started:
    - Add enough granular stabilizer via the sock method to raise CYA with a target of 70 ppm. You need it that high to protect the FC from your SWG.
    - Add enough liquid bleach to maintain FC at about 3-4 ppm. Don't let it drop below 3 if you can help it.
    - Of course add the required amount of salt so it can start dissolving. Remember to keep bleach on-hand until you know the SWG is working and generating FC.
    - CH should not be applicable for your Intex (vinyl) pool. Just leave that alone for now.
    - pH is a hair low, but will probably rise to 7.5 soon enough with aeration and activity.
    - TA is really high. You might want to double-check that test. Ideally you shold be around the 60-80 range.

    Definitely focus on FC right now to avoid algae. Double-check your TA testing method and let us know how that turns out. The rest will work out just fine.
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    Re: Starting over

    Low CH is no problem in a vinyl pool, and actually works to your advantage with the SWG. So ignore that.

    Expect the pH to rise quickly due to the high TA. Each time it gets close to 7.8, knock it down to 7.2. TA will come down on its own in a few weeks. No special effort will be needed.
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    Re: Starting over

    Good advice from above.

    I'll just add this.
    You want to let your salt mix for 24 hours before turning on the SWG.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Starting over

    Ok - so tomorrow add CYA and the salt. Bleach (chlorine) is disappearing, so I am assuming that is due to lack of CYA. Should I shock it or just keep adding gallons of bleach?
    Thanks so much!
    I love avoiding the pool store prices and confusion!!

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    Re: Starting over

    We don't "shock" pools. We "slam" if we have to; that's all. With new water, you shouldn't have to do either.

    Add the CYA (underestimate your goal), and add bleach according to your "goal/target" CYA: (Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart )

    If you need help with chemical addition quantities, click on the poolmath tab at the top of this page. Does that make sense? I'm tired....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Whoops. Did you say you have visible algae?
    27K IG rectangular; vinyl liner; sand filter; 1hp pump; auto-cover; heater; K-2006.

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