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Thread: Pool liner replaced

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    Pool liner replaced

    My IG Vinyl 20k pool will have the liner replaced 3/15. Last year's liner failed and will be replaced. I was told to immediately fill the pool with 20,000 gallons of city water. I was told to add 13 bags of salt, 40lb each sweep it slowly into the pool, let the system run for 24 hours before testing. My questions are,
    1)....Is 13 bags sound like a good starting point? 2) should I add
    anything else ie; liquid bleach, borax, baking soda, before I do my testing? 3) Is 24 hours of running my system enough time to mix my water and allow my SWG to give me accurate test numbers to proceed forward to achieve recommended TFP levels of chlorine, PH,l,TA,CH CYA? Any help appreciated!
    20K, IG, new Merlin vinyl liner, sand, Triton Tr-60, Eco-Pump EP-6, 1.5hp, Taylor TF-100
    Test kit, Compupool CPSC 24 SWG, city water, built in 1979.

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    Re: Pool liner replaced

    You'll need to get some stabilizer CYA in there to get it up to 60 since you have a SWG. I'd target 40ish at first because you don't want to overshot that. Put it in a sock in front of your return. It will show up on your CYA test in a week. Then if needed you can add more. I'm not sure how much salt you'd need I'm not a SWG user. Have you used Poolmath?
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    Re: Pool liner replaced

    Hi Zack,
    for a 20K gallon pool, and with 0 salt in the pool and a target of 3400, Pool Math says to add 569 lbs of salt.
    the ppm readout on teh swg really isnt all that big of a deal. DOnt worry if it reads a little high or low. The main thing is that it says you are producing chlorine.
    If you are, then the salt level is good.

    Let it mix 24 hrs before turning on the SWG.

    You will want to do like smforte suggested. Add enough CYA to get to a point just below recommended level for SWG. Say 50 ish.
    Then add bleach to get you a level of about 5ppm FC.

    A week later, test CYA again, and then raise it slightly more, up to 70 if you need to.

    After the pool is filled, then test for pH and TA, make any adjustment you need to in order to get that to within recommended level.
    Do not add anything before you test. That is never a good idea.

    You do not need to do anything with CH. Vinyl pools do not require any specific amount of calcium, as there is no chemical reaction between it and vinyl.
    Divin Dave,
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