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Thread: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

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    Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    I've seen this ad many times on Facebook. I went to the website but really couldn't understand how this system kills algae and bacteria faster than it can reproduce.

    Chlorine-free pool

    if anyone has info. on this I'd like to hear about it.

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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    It is likely a mineral/copper system. If they aren't explaining the details of how their system works there is probably a good reason. TFP does not recommend any alternative sanitizer systems for pools, more here, Alternative sanitizers and pools--The Truth!!

    We recommend sanitizing pools with chlorine, more here, Pool School - How to Chlorinate Your Pool
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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    I wonder how hard it was for them to come up with PC buzzwords in abundance without telling you ANYTHING about the product. Run as fast as you can.
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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    It's a shame that Chlorine gets such a bad rap. It only has because of mis-management and misunderstanding. It's a shame, because there really isn't anything better.
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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    So true ^^^^^^^^^^^ it is even worse if you call it "bleach"

    With proper management your pool will look better than it ever has before. A good test kit and following the TFP guidelines as outlined in Pool School and you are set!

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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    This video shows a little about how the system is supposed to work. Magnetism and UV Light treat the air injected into the pool? Really? I'll take my chances with Cl before H2O2. Seems the website is way more about getting your personal information than describing why I really need their widget and any details as to how it actually works. The claims, as I see it, are just too good to be true.

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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    The 'Clear Comfort' method is not for me, I choose a chlorination, a proven disinfection method used by manicipal drinking water suppliers worldwide. It annoys me that these 'alternative sanitizer' suppliers must resort to attacking chlorination in order to promote themselves.

    The 'Clear Choice' system appears to me to be an alternative sanitizer system using UV and magnetism to produce hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide. I am lead to believe from the limited info on their web site that the hydroxyl radicals are completly reacted within an external reaction chamber and hydrogen peroxide is left in the pool as a residual sanitising agent. Using an external reaction chamber will only ever treat the bulk water and I would think that hydrogen peroxide would be too short lived to be an effective residual sanitiser in a pool.

    The 'Clear Choice' opening opening statement is 'A healthier, cleaner, more sustainable way to swim.' Healthier than a properly managed chlorinated pool? Really! Cleaner, it's an alternative sanitiser system not an alternative to sand, DE or cartridge filtration. And more sustainable, I'd like to see them prove that.

    But to ask for personal contact details to provide more information... Why can't they be upfront and put it on their public web site? I made the mistake of providing my email address to a local provider of a silver/copper system just to get bombarded with spam containing blatant lies about chlorinated systems, they chose the wrong person to send that load of bolics to.
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    Re: Clear Comfort Chlorine Free Pool. Anyone??

    Quote Originally Posted by RobRM View Post
    really couldn't understand how this system kills algae and bacteria faster than it can reproduce.
    It can't.

    If you feel you must contact them ask for their EPA registration number for the product to be called a swimming pool disinfectant. I'll bet they have an excuse why they don't need one. Proper water care dictates the use of a sanitizing agent, if they are not registered then run away.
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